Disability need not be an obstacle to success... But I realize that I am very lucky, in many ways. It is very clear that the majority of people with disabilities in the world have an extremely difficult time with everyday survival, let alone productive employment and personal fulfillment. Professor Stephen W Hawking

Perhaps some of you are already familiar with the correlation that exists between disability and poverty. This is one of the fundamental reasons why we specifically target developing countries and are so set on understanding what we mean by poverty and asking other questions like, what exactly makes someone's life full and equal?

Disability and poverty ARE linked in a vicious cycle. If you are not familiar and even if you are, this video, made by people with disabilities with a program initiated by CBM International called End the Cycle, does a great job of explaining the issue.

When Mick, Sierra, Elizabeth, and I were in Cambodia last August, (doing research with organizations and beginning to form partnerships) we met with CBM. Unfortunately, CBM pulled out of the country at the end of 2016. But I was still able to meet with San, their former director, who wants to stay connected and involved with the disability sector in Cambodia and there are so many capable Cambodians like San, ready to stand up to help. Many already are actively doing so. Check out these 2 stories. These are the types of stories I have been hearing throughout my trip.

They inspire me. They make me feel honored to share in their pursuit and excited for where this is going together!


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