Concealing Loss

P.K. Page

Reflecting on imagery in "Water & Marble"


The water metaphor Page uses to capture the emotional state of someone after the loss of a relationship is very interesting. Firstly, it suggests that her emotions are in a kind of liquid state in the way that they flow freely and are difficult to control. Secondly, The image of water draws attention to the shedding of tears. Lastly, it suggests the lack of boundaries between her and her partner, like water, they themselves are permeable which suggests that there was a deep connection; this results in a much greater loss when they separate. The solubility of this deep relationship resulted in the dislimn of her in him.

The marble metaphor is an excellent image because it captures well the exterior wall she put up to conceal her pain. Marble solid, and so, no water, no emotion can leak through it. The marble is cold to the touch which reflects her cold and emotionless appearance. And the marble is a self-imposed barrier that ensures she can keep others at a distance and keep her emotions trapped inside.

Savage Harbour, PEI (2015)

I think the emotions P. K. Page vocalizes are applicable to any deep relationship, especially friendships. When I read this poem my mind drifted off towards friendships that I have lost. When we lose friends, I think we are more likely to hide the mourning we have to go through as a result of losing that attachment. When someone has broken up with a partner everyone expects there to be feelings of loss and for there to be a longing to return to the relationship. It seems it is more acceptable to be visually hurt. But when it comes to losing friendships, not so much, we do not acknowledge the loss and longing to return to a friendship that occurs after one has ended.... at least not to the same degree when it can pain us just as much.

Charlottetown, PEI (2016)

In conclusion, this poem has made me realize that the ending of a deep close relation, be it an erotas love or philia love is painful and worthy of mourning, and concealing that loss brings us no closer to healing.

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