Rome geography by: rishi gupta

The mountains in Italy stretch across the whole Italy divide the regions. Italy's mountain slope creates plains which makes Italy have good farming. Since that happened Italy had more food then Greece. The Alps were on the top part of Italy and could protect that area. The alps were also good for wild life because they had animals and forests between them.
Another geographic feature is a river. For example the Tiber River is a river in Italy-Rome. The river gave a good source of water and a good source of food (fish) to the Romans. That helped a lot because it was hard to get to sea and there were a lot of pirates near by. And if you could travel you could trade
The Romans built Rome on 7 very steep hills. They did that because it was a good way to defend when people tried to attack them. Since the Romans did that more Romans were safe on those hills then they would be without the hills. The hills were a good idea because it isolates Rome in a good way.
Finally, a peninsula is my last feature. a Peninsula protected them from 3 sides because of the water. Rome is on the left side of the peninsula. It helps because the water is surrounding the whole Italy and its really hard to attack them.


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