SNOW Choice poem BY:Lacey Russell

All the white crystals that fall on your nose
The stuff that gets in your boots and bites your toes
All the clear hills outside on your yard
Oh to shovel it is very hard
It is bright like the sun
It tells you winter has just begun
You can jump around and play
Or you can ride down hills in your slay
Build a snowman or two if your ever feeling blue
Give it legs and a face Put its heart in the right place
It falls so gracefully with a silent sound It makes no noise when it hits the ground
When snow is here
You know Christmas is near


Created with images by Lisa Zins - "A Pile Of Snow" • jill111 - "snowflakes snow bokeh" • Leshaines123 - "Daily Shoot 2011 #5 Work boots!" • alektra - "nature winter snow" • Rob Swystun - "snowshovelling" • skyseeker - "Sun." • nikolayhg - "winter winter magic blue sky" • b0jangles - "Playing in the snow" • mgrhode1 - "100_9706" • Sandra_M_H - "snow man snow winter" • Thomas Rousing Photography - "Have a Heart - Pure love in the snow" • Flikkersteph -4,000,000 views ,thank you! - "snow" • rkramer62 - "Winter, Round 2" • victory5116 - "christmas presents decoration"

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