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What is CAA?

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is the world's premier entertainment and sports agency, representing many of the most successful professionals working in sports, television, film, theatre, music, and provides a range of strategic consulting and marketing services to clients across all fields of talent.

Who does CAA represent?

CAA Sports represents more than 1,000 of the world's iconic athletes in football, baseball, hockey, soccer , and basketball. In addition to representing famed athletes in teams sports, CAA also represents individuals including Olympians, coaches, broadcasters, and other sports personalities.

CAA Client Services Provided

Aside from conventional athlete representation, CAA Sports also provides unique services for clients dealing with handling matters aside from the client's contract. These services are in areas including endorsements, philanthropy, licensing,and personal marketing.


CAA has offices located around the world as they are a globally recognized agency. CAA has offices in Stockholm, London, Chicago, New York, Munich, Miami , and Jacksonville with their headquarters being located in Los Angeles.

2018 Summer Internship

In the Summer of 2018, CAA is organizing an internship program located in New York City. CAA is seeking an intern for their New York offices in the Sports Consulting Department. The 2017 Summer Internship Program is 8 weeks, from June 19-August 11, 2017. "Interns participate in a variety of program sessions that will provide a deeper dive into the various businesses within the agency, as well as workshops intended to develop valuable personal and professional skills."

Growing up a sports fan, I've always admired sports agents and what they do. An agent is there to serve their clients and deal with aspects on both the business and sport side of the profession. This is something that really interests me as a possible future job. Acquiring an internship at an agency like CAA sports is definitely a great first step in securing a job in this competitive field.


Nick Saban
Buster Posey
Sidney Crosby
Peyton Manning

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