Life in a Glass Box by: kevin leicht


Once upon a time in a small village near the riverbank there was a man named Steveokiss and a woman name Triseea. Steveokiss and Triseea had always wanted to have many beautiful children to raise as their own and their dream was finally coming true. Triseea was about to have her first child and his name would be Tukoro. Tukoro was immediately good at sports especially one called puck-shot. During the winter months when the riverbank froze over, Tukoro could skate along the ice gracefully shooting his wood saucers into his net until about two years after he was born, Triseea was having another baby, this one called Tomas. Tukoro was only a little bit better than Tomas at puck-shot. Tomas quickly learned how to shoot the saucer almost as well as Tukoro.Tukoro and Tomas quickly became good friends and every day they could they went to play on the ice. Occasionally Triseea would say to the boys “the river may not be solid anymore,” but they took their chances, for it was their favorite thing in the world to do. A few years later, Triceea had another baby. It was rumored that as this baby was lifted to the sky people squinted at its beauty, the baby was to be named Kevro. Kevro was often bullied by his older brothers and as they laughed and made fun of him he would run off and cry to his mother. She would always tell him that being the youngest in the family would benefit him more than hurt him but he never believed her. His Tukoro and Tomas would tell him he was bad at everything or that nobody liked him, and like any young soul, he believed every

word they said. But while Kevro was not the sporty boy his brothers were as he grew up he was beloved by all of the women in the kingdom. As the boys got older people began to watch as they flew like kites across the ice. They got better and better every year and Kevro improved the most, eventually, they were known around the kingdom as the boys who could soar and soon Kevro was better than both of his older, more experienced brothers. He then began to realize, without Tukoro and Tomas, he would never have become what he is, he began to think about their relentless bullying as a type of training to his mind, a way to toughen him up. He realized having two bigger, better brothers made him better because he always had to push himself in order to keep up with them. He realized he was lucky to have older siblings and that even though they came with lots and lots of pain, it was only for the best. Kevro later became the King of the kingdom and made puck-shot an official sport. In later years it became the most famous sport in all of the land and Kevro and his brothers were able to live and die knowing they had invented a sport that brought joy into the lives of millions of people.

the end



The house on The Crescent is home. The man running through the street every night, the dead end, the happy looking houses. Nothing is identical. Modern, old fashioned or right in between. It doesn't matter to us. Everyone is kind, including all of the dogs and cats. Nobody insults others or talks behind people's backs. Everyone shares. Pools, food or even simple things like chargers. The parents walk together and the kids play together. Families have dinner together and everyone knows everyone. When a new family moves in they are welcomed with open arms. Some houses are bigger than others but nobody brags and if you just met them you wouldn't know until you visited. My mother sits inside, my father and my dog sit outside in the sun while Tommy, my brother, and I shoot hockey pucks in the driveway. Sure the street may not be perfect at all times, but it is all I could ever want.

Okay, maybe it’s not all I want. A private tropical island would obviously be better but that is ¨unrealistic,¨ or at least it is according to Steve. Steve or Ssssteve is my dad. He's a joker, and a corny one. Like, you could almost consider him a farmer he is so corny. ¨Hey kev¨ he says, ¨want to go to carvel, it’s only 10:00pm?””yeah awesome” I say, then he starts laughing and walks away. It’s not even funny but he thinks it’s hysterical. My mother who am not allowed to call by her first name, sits around all day. She says she likes it but we all know that she really is kind of bored with the whole stay at home mom thing. Then there is Caroline also known as drama, Tommy or t-litsky, Tucker or taco and me I have a few nicknames some I hate like kevy and some I don't mind like k-litsky. I don't really know what it means but it sounds good.


It’s hard to find a spot in my house without shoes thrown somewhere in the room. There are several ways a person could find the owner of these shoes. Style. Size. Brand. Even color. Me? I normally buy colorful looking Nike shoes in an 8.5. I like to be seen but not very flashy. My shoes can be anywhere from exactly where they are supposed to be or in space depending on the day. Drama, she has so many shoes that if she lost half of them nobody would notice except her and she would flip out about it. She likes to be flashy. Anything that will be noticed like heels. Her shoes are all thrown in a cluttered closet. When she tries to find a pair she is practically an explorer like both Louis and Clark in one little girl and she would sure love it if she had a Sakachuwia.

T-litsky wears one pair of shoes for just about any occasion. However, his socks are very unique. His shoes are normally in the same place, but his socks can be found just about anywhere. Taco wears only grey and black shoes that aren’t noticed by anyone really. They are always in the same place, never out of line. It’s almost like he has another person organizing them day and night. Sssteve, he is all over the place he has one shoe here and one there. Unpredictable. Like the man in the subway that starts talking to you out of nowhere. Pops out of the blue and just won’t stop. Mom, she is like drama - a black hole in her closet with a portal right next to it. Something will disappear and then will be instantly replaced. A maze with no way out. None are the same but somehow, we still all find topics to yell about.

This is 14: The End of the Perfect Summer

Fourteen is the end of life’s perfect summer. The time when a boy or girl realizes that this world is not perfect as they used to think. Physical faults, friend issues, parent problems and lots of school work cause us to think that life just sucks with the occasional happy moment and we haven’t yet realized that we are just so wrong. Life is a game of poker, not every hand is great and many are bad however, that is no reason to give up.

Fourteen is the world telling a person that parents make many mistakes. It is being grateful for having much family still around. It is visiting your grandparents for the however much time you can get before they move to another place and are never seen again.

Fourteen is when a birthday party doesn’t mean as much as it used to and presents aren’t the main focus.

At fourteen you start to care about how you look and try to impress others. You are expected to be polite at dinners and other events and appreciative of everything that people give to you no matter what it is you receive. Your favorite outfit is kakis and a t-shirt with a Patagonia pullover because you don’t feel good wearing sweats anymore.

Fourteen is when a child begins to become grown up and mature, as all of the time that used to be put into fun, “playdates” and naps is funneled into work and stress. You begin to realize how hard this world really is and all of the work it will take to succeed. As you look forward to have a great life and a nice job you also know that it will never be that easy.

Fourteen is becoming a new person more and more everyday, sometimes in a wonderful way and sometimes in disappointing ways. It is understanding what to do and what not to and knowing a reason for both. Time with your older siblings seems more precious as you know they will soon be back at college for another few months even though you know they won't necessarily be nice when home.

Fourteen is full of dramatic and crazy moments in girl drama and several other types of drama. It is being independent on a certain level and trusted to make good decisions. Parents become the enemy in almost every situation and no matter what they do it stays that way.

Fourteen is the dark tunnel from one happy chapter in life’s book to another. It is the new school after the old one, a fresh start from after a good time that isn’t as good as the other.

Fourteen is constantly wanting better while at the same time knowing you may not deserve it. It is the preparation for the upcoming storm and not enough time to be completely ready. It is the power outage during that storm making you angry. However you don’t yet know of the double rainbow to follow.

This is 14. This is me. Now.

13 Ways of Looking at Leicht


The boy screamed,

The sun had entered his room and was burning his eyes,


His mother just turned the light on


I was scared of the dark,

Thank god for my flashlight


The Leichts all ran up the slippery hill,

Then they all fell,

Way back down to the bottom,

Time to try again


A man and a women are happy,

A man and a women with a light are happier


I do not know what is better,

The reflection of light on clear water,

Or the beauty of that Kevin Leicht


Ice froze all over the small house,

The people were trapped,

Then the sun swooped down to save them


Why do people like gold and diamond,

They are no good without light


If light had feeling it would be sad


The boy went back to sleep,

Ahhhhh bad decision,

The light has burned his eyes once again


At the sight of light,

All around the room and outside and everywhere,

I am sort of intimidated


Sometimes i think of light as a serial killer,

A maniac,

Only a maniac would attempt to blind people

While they are driving a car


Light dies every night and somehow comes

back to life the next morning,

it is kind of scary


It was snowing yesterday,


Lights little helpers came down

to the ground to help make people’s eyes

feel like fire

Authors note

I sincerily enjoyed this multi genre writing assignment and would love to do it again later in the year. However, i only loved it so much because i was writing about fun, and mostly happy topics in my own life. I would not be able to enjoy this as much if it had to be nonfiction pieces. I was really able to put my feeling into this assignment and i wouldn’t be able to do that in a nonfiction assignment which would end up resulting in a lower grade. My favorite piece was the this is fourteen piece. Once i started writing it I didn’t want to stop and therefore i didn’t. I spent probably an hour and a half writing my first draft and then went back to edit and revise it. I think that in the end it came out to be my best of all of them.


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