The Japanese Spider Crab! BY: Chantal Tineo

Ecosystem: The northern pacific ocean has a very shallow and diverse ecosystem. THis ecosystem's biodiversity is a big one It has large reefs that contain thousands of species like coral animals, of fish 4,000 species of mollusks and many other animals too. This ecosystem is important because it is part the largest ocean on earth, meaning it has millions of organisms.
The Japanese spider crab : This organisim is native, it is found in the northern part of the pacific ocean. You can find them in some bays like Sagami and Suruga by the Japanese islands. The males are slightly different from the women , there are physically different , for example the women have wider and smaller abdomens then men. THis animal is only found in the pacific ocean.
I believe this species is endangered because through out 40 years it has been declining. In japan fisher are prohibited to catch spider crabs during mating season because of the lack of spider crabs. Researchers want to make a juvenile for crabs , but they are still not on the US Federalist nor any other conservation.
HAbitat: THe Japanese spider crab lives on the ground of the as ocean, it goes as deep as 600 meters . THEy like being in shallow waters specially in spawning season . THEy do not hunt instead THEY survive of the dead and decaying matter at the oceans floor.
fun facts: THe spider crab can live up to 100 years, they usually live for more then half a decade. They help out the sponges , like they help them MIGRATE AROUND. THEY ALSO HAVE THE LARGEST LEG SPAN OF ANY ATHROPOD THAT EXISITS.
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