photo composition project by: nola mcdonner

This picture is a representation of texture. The bricks in this photo are very roughly shaped, causing the photo to have texture. I took this photo while standing on my aunt's back deck. I stood at an angle and aimed my camera until I thought this photo was perfect.


This photo is a representation of patterns. This is actually a little storage box my aunt has for her books and things. I took this picture at my aunts house as well. I emptied the box and sat it on the table where the light would shine through it making all the holes in the back seem to light up.

just playing

This photo is a representation of the rule of thirds. I took this photo on my aunts back deck as well. The girls in this photograph are actually my cousins, Alex (left) and Madi (right) they are twins. They were playing a game and started laughing and I decided this would've been a perfect chance to take a photo. And in my eyes, I was correct.

leaning lines

This photo is a representation of leading lines. This is my aunts back deck, which was built about a month ago. I stood at the far corner of her deck and decided that this was a perfect angle to take a picture. FUN FACT: this was originally going to be my pattern photo but I decided that it would be better as a leading line photo.


This is a representation of framing. Before you say it, I will, this picture is probably not my best but i tried my hardest to get all the glare out and such, but as you can tell, it didn't work. My aunt's cat named Cinder is trying to get outside, and see's something interesting. (not sure what could possibly be interesting though) Only to be startled by a falling leaf....yep.

all we need is love

And once again, you have met these two lovable twins. In this photo it represents space. There is a lot of space behind these two. As you can see i tried to be sure that the camera that i had would somewhat focus on all the things around them. And this seemed to work out a lot better than i expected.

yum, oranges

Yep, thats an orange. This orange is representing deep depth of field. Originally i was going to take a picture of flowers but the lighting wasn't all that great so i took a picture of this orange, because it was a photogenic orange.

madosin schamel

To be honest, I am in love with this photo of madison. This is a photo that can represent either, rule of thirds or space. either one works. I saw Madi blowing her bubbles and thought it was a perfect chance to take a quick picture of her.

our yard

This is an extra photo. also not as great as most. I do believe this could also do with texture. the weeds and wood and leaves are covering the ground around my shoes. I liked how black and white effect made it look a lot more brilliant.

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Nola McDonner

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