Ancestor Kahoot by the genealogy kids

Ever played Kahoot? This is a fun, simple online tool for teachers, families, etc. It’s a free program that allows you to create games (trivia quizzes) about anything! Why not make a Kahoot about your ancestor for your next family gathering? Start by visiting Kahoot.com to sign up.

Choose the kind of Kahoot you’re interested in creating. We’ll demonstrate the quiz option…

Create questions to help your family members learn about their ancestor.

Add media to go along with your questions, if you like.

(Example: Who is the baby on Anne Marie's lap?)

Gather the family around plus enough phones, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, etc. to play! Each contestant goes to kahoot.it (or the Kahoot App) to enter your unique game PIN.

We like to cast the game onto our large-screen TV while everyone answers the questions from their phones or Chromebooks. All ages of kids (and adults) can have fun trying to guess the answers to the questions. The game keeps track of the score (more points for those who answer correctly and quickly), so you get a fun competition out of learning about your ancestors. Give it a try!