World Issues Deeper Thinking Culminating Task

Essential Question

What current issue is the most pressing or the most important to tell the world? How could you ‘solve’ this issue to create a more sustainable world?

Learning Goals

  • To select a world issue that you believe to be the most pressing or important
  • To research, using credible sources and evaluate the data
  • To describe and explain the issue
  • To connect with people - experts - make partnerships that are authentic
  • To share your knowledge of the issue with others in a wider audience
  • To create a solution - working towards a sustainable world

What I want you to do

  • To answer the essential question: Issue you care about + solution or sustainable solution
  • To make partnerships to learn from others, possibly experts in the field and to share with a wider community than just me
  • To have freedom to DO what you want with the topic and product, so that you can create and execute a project that has meaning to you
  • To improve your critical thinking skills: making connections and identifying patterns (4U) or experimenting, reflecting & taking action in real world (4C)* see below
Is there anything you would add to or change to make this project better for YOU? Chat about ideas with a small group, and then we will discuss together.

* For CGW4U -- From: I can connect what I am learning with what I know, and can make some connections across key learning areas, → To: I am able to make connections across subject areas, and understand looking at different points of view is an important part of learning. I see that the world is full of conflicting information and I am skilled at making cross-curricular connections.

*For CGW4C --From: I am beginning to learn how to experiment with different ideas and figure out what works best for a particular task. → To: I can think about the impact of my ideas, and use what I have learned in one task to solve a new or different task and apply to the larger world, I can use feedback to help my task + begin to understand mistakes are part of the learning process.


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