Sweden BY. mAddi Carl


Let's talk about food, some interesting facts about Sweden's food are, they love coffee and crayfish, they have the largest amount of coffee beans drank per year which is 17.5 pounds, and they eat meat or fish, potatoes, vegetables, and bread with or in most dinners.

This is a Lucia

The holiday that I focused most on from Sweden was Saint Lucia Day. Saint Lucia Day honors Saint Lucia, who gave food to the poor more than 100 years ago. This holiday is on December 13th, all girls celebrate this holiday, but only the oldest girl in each family gets to be the Lucia. The Lucia gets to wear a red sash around her waist and a crown of leaves and electric lights on her head.

surroundings of Sweden

The location of Sweden is very facinating, on the north and west sides of Sweden Norway is located and on the west side there also is the Kolen Mountains. Over at the northeast there is the Gulf of Bothnia and Finland. On the southern coast the Baltic Sea borders and the land includes of valleys, forests, and plains.

sweden's snow

The climate in Sweden varies in the different parts of Sweden and the different seasons. For example in Northeastern Sweden snow can stay on the ground without melting for 120 days, but the summers can be warm.

School in Sweden

The schooling in Sweden is amazing, one fact is that all schooling is free, even college! But only three out of ten high school graduates actually go to college. Students in Sweden learn almost all of the same things that we do. They're like us!

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