How Military Uses Video Games and Virtual Reality Gabe duffy

The U.S government believes that training video games are essential to continuing to have the upper hand on our opponents which makes sense why they included to be part of the Advanced Distributed Learning Program

Militaries first time was in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the 1950's to find numbers on ballistic missiles trajectories
Military first started using video games for training in the 1980's with Atari's Battle zone and turned it into a first person shooter simulation

The most popular video game/virtual reality used by the military is VIRTISM by Raytheon, which allows all branches of the Military train in a open space the size of a basketball court. VIRTISM system can put you through a number of obstacles that will get you ready when your placed in real life Warfare.

Fort Bragg a military base in North Carolina was the first to use the virtual reality system as a form of training to prepare their soldiers for battle without the deadly risks

The next new big idea using virtual reality is to create and map out entire wars so soldiers will know what to do when their put in real world warfare

Drones are the most commonly used example of electronic gaming in the military today, drones have killed over 4,000 people and not one pilot has been injured because of the safe technology
Virtual reality and Video Games the U.S Military Uses to have an edge above our opponents keeps us safe at the end of the day

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