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Welcome to I.J.G. 's Official 8th Grade Website!

Greetings Parents and Students! Below you will find information for all of the core subjects here at Isaac J. Gourdine Middle. Important dates are located at the bottom of the site. Information will be updated again after Third Quarter Progress reports on March 7th, 2017. This website has replaced the newsletter that is sent out monthly. This webpage will also be used to provide information that is specific to 8th Grade only.



The 8th graders are wrapping up chemistry in the next week or two. After Chemistry, we will spend 3-4 weeks working on Motion and Energy (Physics) before moving into Life Unit: Changes and Interactions. We will also start utilizing the Discovery Education website more. I plan on giving students a weekly homework assignment that will involve them using Discovery Education to access an 'interactive bulletin board', view videos, read articles, complete interactive labs on-line and submit answers to the essential questions. They can log onto Discovery Education by going to the PGCPS website, clicking on the 'Student Resource' page, then logging into the 'Clever.com' portal with their PGCPS username and password, then clicking on Discovery Education. Most of the students have already used the Clever.com portal to access their on-line text and ConnectEd homework.

A few dates that need to be noted are February 16th, the students will take the Science SLO Post Test, and March 15 and 16, the students are scheduled to take the new state-wide Maryland Integrated Science Assessment.


Mr. Cobb: relmond.cobb@pgcps.org

Mr. Scott: kevin3.scott@pgcps.org


As the quarter begins, students are finishing their Literary Analysis Task and Narrative Poems. Third Quarter will be focusing on "The I in the Environment: How our decisions impact our environment"

This quarter is organized into three arcs of instruction. Each arc of instruction incorporates reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills in a sequential manner to move students toward proficiency with the quarter’s culminating task.

Arc 1: What are the elements of an argument?

Arc 2: What makes a strong argument?

Arc 3: What is your argument? (PSA or Public Service Announcement)

* Honors: 8th Grade Honors will be completing the Quarter 3 focus mentioned above, TWO novel studies and a Passion Project.


Ms. Williams: fachon.williams@pgcps.org

Ms. Brown: jasmine.brown@pgcps.org

Ms. White: theresa.white@pgcps.org

Mrs. Orbita: deanna.orbita@pgcps.org

Social Studies

We are moving through building our US Constitution. Students will need to watch CNN, for various assignments. JA Finance class trip - more info to come.

Edmodo Code - Update jnf33r

Please update school supplies

Reminder: ALL students are required to have a 3 section spiral notebook (major part of their grade)


Mrs. Dilworth: kafi.dilworth@pgcps.org

Mrs. Brown: michelle2.brown@pgcps.org


In the third quarter we a graphing, comparing, and analyzing linear equations. Students are reminded to come to school prepared and on time everyday ready to learn. As we are getting to the "meat" of our algebra unit, concepts are becoming more complex and we are beginning to matriculate through the content quickly. If you miss a day, you miss a lot. Please continue to support your scholar by checking in on Edmodo or Google Classroom and Schoolmax.

As a reminder, homework is given out nightly.


Mr. Brown: nicholas3.brown@pgcps.org

Mr. King: julian.king@pgcps.org

Mrs. Hayes: tina.hayes@pgcps.org

Algebra 1

In this unit, students will build on and informally extend their understanding of integer exponents to consider exponential functions. Students will make the connection that linear relationships model a constant rate of change while exponential relationships model a percent of change. Real-life applications involves Exponential Growth and Exponential Decay.


Mr. Orbita: ramil.orbita@pgcps.org

Important dates

Q3 Progress Report Grades go in - 2/23/17

Q3 Progress Reports Released on 3/7/17

J. A Finance Field Trip - March 8th and March 9th

8th Grade End of the Year Activities

Below is a list of TENTATIVE 8th Grade End of the Year activities. Requirements, cost, and more information will be forthcoming.

8th Grade Promotion

Thursday June 8 , 2017 at 6:00 pm , Oxon Hill High School

8th Grade Field Trip

Hershey Park on 5/19/17

8th Grade Semi-Formal

Spirit Cruise on 6/2/17

8th Grade Registration Information

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