The odd Theory of How Otzi the Iceman Perished BY: Harv Grewal

I can inform my audience on Otzi the Icemans background

Who is Otzi the Iceman, Otzi the Iceman is a man that lived during the Copper Age in 3000 B.C who is a mummy who's organs, skin calcium and bones are fully intact due to his body being fully surrounded by ice and snow. When did Otzi live and when was he discovered, Otzi lived in 3000 B.C about 5300 years ago and Otzi was discovered on Thursday September 19, 1991. Where was Otzi discovered, Otzi was discovered in the Otzal Alps in South Tryol, Italy on the border between Austria and Italy. How did the hikers find Otzi, two hikers were hiking off path and found a body that they thought was of a recently killed hiker.

I can clearly explain and defend with relevant details a theory of how Otzi the Ice Man died

I think that Otzi died fighting for his life from an enemy or a predator. The first piece of evidence that he died from from an enemy or a predator is there are several stab wounds on his body and one stab wound on his wrist. A second piece of evidence he was maybe in a fight between a bear or another predator because an x-ray showed he had fractured ribs. The second perspective about his fractured ribs is that when he was buried in ice and snow the ice and snow probably crushed his ribs to the point where they probably pressed down so much that they broke. Another piece of evidence that I found of him getting killed by an enemy is that there were flint arrowheads in and near his body.

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