Moda: A Latino Story Famous Latino Designers who made thier name in fashion


Stella Nolasco is Puerto Rico's most celebrated designer, worn by celebrities at elite parties worldwide. Her works are very outgoing and daring, the intricate and tasteful dresses are artisanally made with beautiful fabrics which are hand stitched and have delicate beading. The textures and bright colors expressed in her work pay an homage to her Puerto Rican vibrant culture and aesthetics.

Her dresses have been worn by celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Beyonce Knowles, and Dascha Polanco.

Carolina Herrera

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Herrera has made her name in the fashion world. She has ran her fashion empire for thirty years, in that time she has won various wards for her timeless designs, including a lifetime achievement award from the council of Fashion Designers of America. Her bold colors and floral patterns reflect her Venezulean culture. She is famous for her work uniform consisting of a crisp white button down.

Carolina Herrera's dresses have been work by highly esteemed women such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, and Duchess Kate Middleton.

Oscar de la Renta

He designed for some of the most influential fashion houses on the planet before founding one himself, but de la Renta never forgot his roots in the Dominican Republic, where he lived until he was 18. He created beautiful feminine, dramatic dresses, making any woman who wore one look ravishing. His embroidered works reflect the Latino culture with its intricate designs and vibrant, floral patterns. Oscar de la Renta passed away October 20 of 2014, but his legacy lives on with the beautiful designs he's created.

De la Renta's dresses have been worn by inspiring ladies such as Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Laura Bush and and Cindy McCain.
Why I Chose These Designers

I chose these designers because I am very proud of Latinos making a name in the in professions. These three designers are highly esteemed in their field and their designs have been worn by many famous women ranging from royalty, representatives of nations and celebrities. These Latin designers bring culture and beauty to their works and are influenced by their heritage and background, creating beautiful designs for women to showcase to the world. These designers represent the Latin people and countries in a very positive and fashionable way.



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