What Is Energy

Energy is power derived from chemical or physical resources to power things like lights, heat, cars ,phones & etc

Solar Power

Solar Power is energy from the sun rays then hit onto solar panels and get generated into energy which makes renewable energy and does not pollute the earth because we are taking sun light and that sun light will be turned into energy.

Where Are Solar Power Most Used

Solar Power is most used in Southern British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Prairies. These places have higher latitude so they get more sunlight. When they get more sunlight that means more sun rays will hit the solar panels and more energy and i only looked at where its most used in Canada.

Effct On Canada's Economy

The economy is getting better due to solar power solar power can create jobs for other people one of the jobs in Ontario is sales associate for energy geeks in Toronto in this job you help find the best price on solar panels. Another job is a solar installer what they do is install solar racking systems and the solar panels. The reason why jobs helps the economy is because it helps the money cycle the consumer gets a paycheck and goes to a store and buys things and the producer gets the money and they hand a paycheck to the workers and they go to another store and consume.

What Does Solar Power Produce

Solar power produces energy and how they do it you ask is by exciting electrons in silicon cells using the photons from light. What are silicon cells well silicon cells are solar cells the stuff that collect the light. Photons are a particle that represents light.

Issue On Canada Consumption

Canada is starting to use a lot of renewable energy things like hydroelectricity and wind power but with solar power it cost 13.8 cents per kWh which is Kilowatt per hour and has reached 1,843 megawatts of installed capacity so i think Canada is starting to move to renewable energy but that might be a problem in Canada for the workers on mining coal and getting oil for energy.

Solar Power Trade To Survive An Onslaught Of Low-Priced Chinese Imports

Some Canadian solar power companies are coming together to bank up on an upcoming trade to stop china from building cheap solar panels and they import them to north america because if that happens then everyone would buy the Chinese ones because there cheaper i did not find out who Canada would be trading with but i did learn that Canada would be following USA and Europe's foots steps on who there trading with.

How Many People Work In The Solar Power Industry

In the USA more people are working in the solar power industry then in coal or oil, a company in the U.S. hired 4,000 people last year to do everything like system design to site surveys and they also do installation and engineering.

What Does Solar Power Sell

Well Solar Power company's sell Solar Panels for energy to power things like your home and businesses that need energy and that want renewable energy if they want to help the environment and i have a video to show below.

Where Are They Getting The Energy From?

Solar Panels collect sun rays that get generated that can turn into energy when the sun is out that's why i think it is best to leave solar panels where sun is most the get the most use from in Ontario its good for solar power because where higher up so we can hit the sun easier

Thanks For Looking At My Project


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