DuVin Pintor Fusion of wine & Art

DuVin Pintor is a fusion of Wine & Art. Carrying original art and boutique wines. Our gallery in essence, functions as one huge interactive art instillation!

Our gallery offers wine tastings, wine dinners with amazing cuisine paired perfectly by our in house sommelier, art exhibitions, educational classes and wine storage in our eclectic space! Whether you’re reserving one of our conference spaces or sipping wine while you enjoy a live performance, our venue is sure to excite and satisfy your social palate

Leon performing at Wine Fest Houston

Executive summary

The following executive summary, outlining a clear path to leverage the Opportunity Zone Capital Gains Deferment program creating a 100% tax shelter fund potential for our DuVin Pintor Franchise Expansion. Building on many of the income streams outlined on this Executive Summary Page we are presenting our proven method at DuVin Pintor to the requirements of the Opportunity Zone Requirements. We are expanding the revenue model into content development for new passive income streams leveraging our supply side and marketing goals. We are ahead of the curve. An agreed percentage of profit distribution will be discussed upon engagement to our opportunity fund. Benefits include yearly distributions, and tax differed capital gains through 2026.

Duvin Pintor Expansion

Our rollout over the next 4 years will generate 12 warehouses housing our venues, including interactive music listening rooms, community outreach and workforce development in addition to our existing operations. Membership and Corporate Memberships, hologram-augmented and traditional music shows cover expenditures and investment rapidly with pre-sales of yearly memberships and ticketed sales. Our setup is rapid and an existing operational line item

Income streams

  • Membership: Corporate and Private
  • Fine Art
  • Augmented Passive Shows
  • Wine & Beer sales on-premise (gallery)
  • Wine lockers on-premise (gallery)
  • Wine storage (warehouse)
  • Food & other beverage sales
  • Ticket Sales
  • Wine Education
  • Private Events/ Venue Rental
  • Wine Club
  • Retail Wine Sales
  • Virtual office

Income streams summary

  • Membership income comes from our monthly concert series as well as our gallery membership program
  • Fine Art income comes from our proven fine artists and music performances
  • Wine, Beer & Food sales are standard F&B income
  • Wine lockers are for urban residents without wine cellars or climate controlled storage with convenient access.
  • Ticket Sales are proven Event Income
  • Private Events are proven DMC and Event income
  • Wine Club is a Proven service of Duvin Pintor
  • Wine Storage in our warehouse facilities is a necessity with the abundance of wineries without climate controlled storage
  • Agumented Art Instillation is a passive income 1 hour hologram animated performance
  • Virtual Office Services are proven rental event income

Revenue streams in addition to the venues are to include laser projected content, holographic wine hosts, animated music dinner shows, reality television content production, and various 360 degree VR/AR streaming channel content expanding on existing entertainment streaming content.

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Torie Benton


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