Lightscape Chicago Botanic Garden • 1000 Lake Cook Road • Glencoe, IL 60022

Chicago Botanic Garden introduces Lightscape, a festive light show from London making its U.S. debut.
Let your imagination come to light.
Feel the heat and hear the flames licking the wind at the Fire Garden.
Fall has come and gone, but some trees hang onto their leaves during winter; consequently, such trees become stars during Lightscape.
See the Chicago Botanic Garden in a totally new light.
Horaijima, the Island of Everlasting Happiness, encircled by water and concentric rings of light, burns with fiery energy.
The Waterfall of Light seems frozen in place except for the brilliant streams of light falling endlessly.
Every snowflake on this path is unique when we appreciate each pebble.
The Feast of Light is a feast for the senses.
A toasted marshmallow makes for a fiery feast.
There are moments of serenity at Lightscape.
Take photos and leave footprints in the "snow" at interactive light shows projected onto walkways.
You are here: small against the landscape of the Lightscape.
The Cathedral of Light stuns visitors to a hush before everyone recovers with hurried excitement.
Created By
Joseph Bonus


Copyright 2019 - Joseph R. Bonus