Canmore Cave Tours Adventure Hub Series: Experts in Unforgettable

Meet Adam: Owner of Canmore Cave Tours

Have you ever seen yourself as an underground explorer?

Adam, owner of Canmore Cave Tours, is a firm believer that everyone can put on their explorer cap and head down into the Rat’s Nest Caves to discover the last frontier, as they venture through the vast underground network.

Adam describes the experience as the opposite of Disneyland; there are no handrails, coffee shops or walkways, it’s just you and the cave - and the 7,000-year-old bones you’ll find down there.

Armed with a Masters degree in Geosciences and with more than 15 years of caving experience behind him, Adam thrives in creating unique - and diverse - adventures for people within Rat’s Nest Cave, and all its alluring, mysterious wonder. Adam will tweak an experience just enough so that each and every decent into the cave is attuned to the skill level and interest of a group.

Telling compelling stories using the cave as his canvas, Adam seeks to inform groups on the history and science behind the adventure; providing guests with a physical and educational journey.

Adam is also not afraid of getting creative: continually playing with the underground environment to heighten an in-cave experience; taking it to new depths. He does this by adding meditation, music, art and storytelling, through a series entitled ‘unEarthed’.

From his extensive experience, Adam often sees people arrive at Canmore Cave Tours HQ with a preconceived idea of what an experience underground is going to be like. Adam has made it his sole mission to either shift their perspective and not be afraid of the cave, or give adventure seekers an experience that goes beyond anything they could have ever expected.

“Seeing how people react, and giving them that wow-factor is what makes me love what I do so much,” says Adam.
“Rat’s Nest provides a unique opportunity to be in a very different environment from the day-to-day, and with this comes a heighted level of the senses. People typically have an incredible response to being in the darkness; the sounds, the smells, the fun of crawling through tight spaces, feeling the rock, and connecting with the earth. When people come to us with nerves it usually only takes about 10 minutes before they relax into it, and start to have fun.”

With settling all nerves firmly in mind, Adam and his team ensure that each tour is suited for everyone in the group. Whether, you’re a thrill seeker looking to push your limits or simply eager to enjoy a simple route featuring the main sights, sounds, and beauty of what the cave is all about, the most important thing is that you learn about its ecological importance, while having fun on your personal growth journey.

As an experience you can only find in Canmore, Alberta, Canmore Cave Tours partners with local businesses to create meaningful souvenirs that represent the same sentiment. They work with local artists and artisans to offer handcrafted mugs, postcards, clothing, and more - to allow you to take a little piece of the area home with you.

Stay tuned for seasonal special events coming up, with Canmore Cave Tours planning a thrilling Halloween experience and Christmas concert that you won’t want to miss out on.

In summary, Adam looks for any excuse to tell a good story and uses his intimate knowledge of the cave network to share Rat’s Nest with the world. Be prepared to climb, crawl, wiggle, and find your inner underground explorer!

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