By Cate Huse

Sophomores on their way to Family Fun Center

To end Catholic Schools Week the entire staff and students went to Family Fun Center. We boarded our buses and our adventure began.

Juniors and Sophomores head into Family Fun Center

When we got to our destination we hurried in to see what fun games we’d get to play. It was crowded with everyone there but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the day.

Miqaela plays an arcade game with her friends

We had unlimited games for 2 hours so we played as many arcade games as we liked. Air hockey was also a popular hit with the students and even the teachers.

Mr. Humphrey attempts the rock wall

Not only did the students have an awesome time but the teachers joined us playing games. Some of them played air hockey while others did laser tag or even the rock wall.

The hallway to laser tag

Laser maze, laser tag, and mini golf were the main attractions for students to play. It brought friendly competition to a whole new level.

Freshmen enjoy the buffet

With all the fun and games some students stopped for a break and take advantage of the all you can eat buffet. We Mercy girls love our food!

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