The Great White Shark By jace bryan

King of the Ocean

The ocean is full of many wonders and disasters, but one of the most feared creatures is the Carcharodon carcharias or as well known as the Great White Shark. This predator can weigh up to 2,400 pounds and a length of 21 feet. This monstrous creature may be the toughest in the ocean, but yet stands little chance against humans. The species has plummeted down by 70%, and could eventually lead to extinction.

Great White shark having interaction with under water diver.

A Great White found dead along the shore, due to pollution.


Many believe that people kill sharks for trophies more than anything, Hunters sometimes move on from harmless deer to Great White shark that can be over 15 feet in length. So in conclusion a way to save Great White Sharks from extinction, is to lessen pollution and possibly relocate sharks to a new area where it is safe.


Created with images by Elias Levy - "Great White Shark"

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