Visual Designer Drake White

A visual designer is the kind of job that I would love to do in the future. Their job is to create things like the event booths and do reports. I would love to create event booths but not so much doing reports.
A visual designer is the person who makes everything happen with events. If they didn't help them with the way they look then someone would make a mistake. One mistake at an event can mess up the entire event. When they make a report they have to write how the event went and if the design worked out right.
In conclusion a visual designer is an important job that I would love to do. People trust that they do their job right so nothing goes wrong and everything looks okay. Just the responsibility that that job has scares some people but I think it would be nice to be trusted that much. Finally I will look into this job more because it looks like a cool job to do. This is the kind of job I think is fun and interesting all the time.

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