Tattoos on the Heart Project By charlIe Nelson

Chapter 3 Compassion: "The theme of this chapter is Compassion and it means to me that you hold a special place for someone or something in your heart and you want to achieve it. Also, you care about a person even if they don't like you back. My favorite story in this chapter was about how Anthony became a mechanic. It shows how if you set your heart on something and never give up you can achieve anything. Lastly, this story can help us believe in ourselves and follow our dreams."

Chapter 7 Gladness: "The theme of this chapter is Gladness and it means to me that you should be thankful and happy for everything that you've been given. I think that this chapter shows how we have been given so many opportunities and advantages that we need to use them in life. My favorite story in this chapter was when Spider told Father Greg that he was thankful for the people in his life and I thought how he eats when everyone else is done is really nice. I think this shows how people should be blessed for everything they have in life. Lastly, this shows how we can be happy and thankful for our families, friends, education and so much more."

Chapter 8 Success: "The theme of this story is Successs and it means to me that if you fail then move on and try again. I think that we become stronger when we try again instead of believing that we are failures when we can't do something. My favorite story from this chapter was when Soledad, the mother who lost two of her sons, forgave and prayed for the boy who killed her two sons. This showed how we still have forgiveness in the world know matter how hard it is. Lastly, this gives us the inspiration to forgive and believe in others."

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