The Significance Project By: Julia Nguyen

Happiness is an emotion is that subjectively defined. I perceive happiness as a jumbled mix of everything I consider “good”. “Good” is anything that brings positivity into my life. It brings about excitement, laughter, love, and ease. It can come in forms of materialistic creations, thoughts, sounds, sights, smells, etc. It can be measured in different magnitudes of small or large. Welcoming my nieces into the world brought a large magnitude of happiness in comparison to the small magnitude of happiness when i am able to eat my favorite meal and satisfy that craving.

Bubble tea: my niece's definition of happiness.

Success is being able to achieve what I intentionally set out to achieve. Success can be achieved in one single step or many small steps to amount to bigger, conclusive success. What I believe will make me a successful person is if I follow through with the goals I set and meet my expectations. The small and big steps that led me to nursing school is an example of what I define as success. Graduating high school, earning a bachelor’s degree, getting accepted into nursing school, and maintaining passing grades are the successful steps that I am taking to eventually gain the bigger, conclusive success of becoming a nurse.

"Think of the way Franklin Roosevelt came back deeper and more empathetic after being struck with polio. Often, physical or social suffering can give people an outsider’s perspective, an attuned awareness of what other outsiders are enduring."

Brooks, D. (2014, April 07). What Suffering Does. The New York Times. Retrieved May 04, 2017, from

Suffering exists to teach us lessons and to alter the way we may perceive situations. It exists to help us learn the true value of what we have in the present moment when suffering is no longer present.

This song captures the suffering that Eric Clapton endured after the loss of his son.

The overall meaning of life is essentially what one finds meaning in. Emotions, achievement, experiences, etc., all add up to what brings meaning to life. Life is meaningful because it gives people the opportunity to define what gives their life meaning. To one, it may be creating a family and successfully raising children. To others, it may be finding peace within themselves. I believe the collective roller coaster rides that life takes us through is what gives it meaning. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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