Omar HARFOUCH Man of projects, commitments and networks

After studying international relations at the Diplomatic Academy, Omar worked for the Council of Europe.

From 1996 to 1997, he attended the sessions of this institution and acquired a strong relationship with European authorities.

Polyglot, he speaks English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

Close to the former President of the Constitutional Council and former French foreign minister, Roland Dumas, he accompanied his mentor on several trips, and was thus received by heads of state.

With his brother Walid, Vice-President of Euronews, Roland Dumas, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Anatolie Zlenko
Meeting with Muammar Gaddafi, Omar Harfouch was accompanied by Roland Dumas and Charles Lambroschini, former deputy editor in chief of Le Figaro.

Always very interested in world affairs, Omar continues to travel and interact with political and economic decision-makers on our planet.

Determined to make things happen, Omar Hafrouch knows how to get the best out of each person. Like a composer who succeeds in playing several instruments together, he works in these fights to bring together skills and personalities, to make the arguments heard. A method that has often led to real success.


The city of Tripoli was submerged by a mountain of garbage. 450 tonnes of waste were produced every day without any treatment solution.

With Nathalie Goulet, they are launching a series of seminars on the environment at the French Senate. Here, with Philippe Douste-Blazy, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, the Lebanese MP Dima Jamali and Senator Joel Guerriau, member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Omar Hafrouch, by mobilizing French and Lebanese politicians, succeeded in bringing out concrete solutions.

In the Lebanese parliament on the same subject.


The governor of Mecca, Prince Kahled al Faissal (son of the former king and brother of two former kings of Saudi Arabia.)

42,000 tonnes of waste are produced each year during the Hajj.

Omar Harfouch and Senator Nathalie Goulet met with the Prince of Mecca on this subject. He is committed to reducing the use of plastic during the pilgrimage by two-thirds by 2030. It’s a historic breakthrough.


To fight corruption in Lebanon and demand that the stolen money be returned, Omar Harfouch is behind several initiatives.

He launched a petition, signed by more than 60,000 people on the change.org platform.

▶️ See the petition ▶️

Thanks to this result, he managed to put this question on the agenda of the European Parliament by organizing a debate on the future of Lebanon within the Brussels institution. This meeting had many good repercussions.

In the European Parliament, alongside Thierry Mariani, former French minister to Nicolas Sarkozy, and Italian European deputies, Luiza Regimenti and Anna Cinzia Bonfrisco, member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.


Only a change of regime with the establishment of a third secular republic can save Lebanon. This is the strong conviction held by Omar Harfouch.

This is why, in recent weeks, he has organized meetings and frequently takes a position publicly and in the media to defend an institutional reform which would establish a presidential regime, with a President elected by universal suffrage and independent justice.

As soon as Dr Hassan Diab was appointed Prime Minister of Lebanon, Omar Harfouch and Nathalie Goulet did not hesitate to meet him to talk about the future of Lebanon, the fight against corruption and the Third Republic. Nathalie Goulet was the first foreign politician to meet him.

Fight against corruption

On the initiative of Omar HARFOUCH, the French judge Charles PRATS and the senator Nathalie GOULET, two recognized specialists in the fight against fraud, came to Lebanon to meet the financial prosecutor, the judge Ali IBRAHIM.

Lecture of judge Charles Prats

They also spoke at two conferences with jurists and lawyers to help them create the tools necessary to fight corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and the return of stolen money to abroad.

This visit and these two conferences had many repercussions in the press :


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