BEING CIVIL A long way journey from passion To innovation.

A journey ahead.

A question.

When I was young and studying in a primary school. I had promptly been asked a question by my parents; what would I become after completing my education? And I would reply that " I really do not know. I have not decided yet. It's too soon."

Endless capabilities.

An advise.

Then they would advise me to become a pilot or a doctor. As they are my parents they cared for me; And I used to reply them "why not; I would for sure. "

Challenging elevations.

The beginning.

Ever since I was a kid I was interested in science and was a regular viewer of National geographic channel's programmes such as Big Bang , Back yard science, Mad scientists, I didn't know that!, Mega structures and Mega factories. These programs inspired me as well as incented me to carry out small fun-filled experiments to understand science basics. Plus to realise the real world demands, challenges, and engineering endless capabilities, innovations, inventions and solutions.

Let's work!

A choice.

I was very much inspired by and attracted towards Civil structures. I found Civil engineering as my niche. As my passion for Civil engineering grew stronger than ever before; I decided to pick up the Civil engineering as favourite subject and my target in my career pursuit.

Dare to try!

So what? It's ok!

When I was done giving my matriculation examinations and was spending vacation time; I decided why not I make some designs of Civil structures and suddenly I thought how could I when I didn't have sufficient knowledge and was not even enrolled into college yet. Then I just said to myself "so what? It's ok!. I can try. I can continue both curriculum activities and passion for making designs together." And this was the turning point in my life.

I need work!

The sooner you will start the sooner you will finish.

Many students consider that they would think and make engineering designs after they are done studying. Some think they would start engineering when they would get a job. And after getting into job they say I am not in designing department ; I am just a junior. Well truly it's not about job or money. It's all about your passion for the subject and your commitment to the cause. It takes time to get your mind polished and get mastered in a subject or skill. So start doing as you should.


Some tips for becoming a successful engineer.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good engineer ? To create or make a design is not all about having a lots of knowledge about a particular subject or to carry out big and expensive experiments. To make a design of a certain project ; you just need to imagine it in your brain. For example; if you are thinking of designing a building ; follow these steps:

1. Create a imaginative picture in your mind of building and its surroundings.

2. Now, you want to make sure that this building doesn't collapse or be invulnerable to natural forces being exerted over it. So devise ideas to make it able to withstand forces successfully.

3. To test your building against seismic disturbances you need no real earthquake but you may rather shake your mind to create one. Similarly, for lateral pressures or high wind pressures you can blow the wind in your mind or generate waves for testing it against tsunamis.

4. In general, from the initial layout of the building to the application of your thought/devised ideas to it and from testing it against all natural forces to finalizing the design; all work can be done in your mind.

5. Calculations are necessary but as when you are thinking it's not mandatory.

6. So the bottom line is that whether you are not a mathematics master or not having a lots of information about a particular subject; that doesn't mean that you can not think , devise , innovate , invent or bring yourself closer to that subject.

7. Think now in the field of your interest ! Or think while you are studying at your school or college. Let both thinking and curriculum activities go together hand in hand and don't leave anyone during your career or throughout your life.

Created By
Uzair Ahsan Warsi

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