Stress and You A guide to chakRa meditation and how it can help You

So what is a chakra?

The chakra is thought to be a channel for energy to flow throughout the body. There are seven chakras rooted in the body, according to ancient Hindu views. These chakras have been referred to as a “swirling lotus of light radiating along the spine

When the chakra is blocked and energy cannot flow, disease is thought to follow

Each chakra is associated with a gland of the endocrine system, and different aspects of human personality

Scroll down for a look at each chakra

The Crown: Sahasara

The crown chakra is portrayed in violet or white. The crown chakra is said to connect human to both the rest of the world and the divine being

The brow: Anja

The brow chakra is portrayed by the color is said to be the center of intuition, awareness, and perception.

The throat: Vishuddi

The throat chakra is blue. It represents creativity and communication

The heart: Anahata

The heart chakra is green. It is associated with compassion, love, harmony, and peace

The solar plexus: Manipura

The solar plexus chakra is yellow. It is the center of self awareness and emotions

The sacrum: Swadhishthana

The sacral chakra is orange. It it thought to represent sexuality and reproduction.

The root: Muladhara

The root chakra is red. It represents basic human survival instincts and grounding.

So what is chakra meditation?

Chakra meditation is derived from first century India

It is a common practice in eastern medicine to balance one’s health and energy levels through concentration, breathing, and visualization

Effective chakra meditation allows oxygen to fuel and energize the chakras

When the chakra is energized, energy is able to flow more freely

This freely flowing energy helps an individual be wholly well

How to practice Chakra Meditation

Sit comfortably with a straight spine. Keep the spine relaxed and non-rigid

Begin with your feet. Focus on relaxing your feet, letting the stress melt away. Move up the rest of your body relaxing and melting.

Focus on your breathing. Keep it steady and unforced. Take deep breaths. Expect your mind to wander. Bring it back gently and continue where you left off

Visualize your beating heart the the perfect function of your body. Visualize and appreciate how all body parts and body systems work together in harmony. See your breath giving life to your entire body.

Imagine that as you breathe, energy that allows you life flows in and out with the air. Vizualize the energy to be yellow-orange. Allow the energy to surround you and infuse your aura. Imagine your aura growing stronger and gradually more charged

Energize each individual chakra, starting with the root. Imagine a clockwise swirl of energy flowing around the root. Your breath gives it power, making it stronger and brighter. More energy rises from the earth and feeds the clockwise swirl.

Imagine this same mounting, swirling locus of energy as you move up to the sacral chakra, than solar plexus, heart, throat, head, and crown.

Remember to take your time and go in order. Spend as much time as needed on each one

Finally, vizualize all chakras being energized at once from the energy of your breath and the earth

Open your eyes

Relax and breathe for a couple of minutes

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