Grading & Reporting Update 1-8 vs. 1-4

BSD is hoping to become more consistent with the grading and reporting practices around our district.

Please review the following, then click the button at the bottom to vote for your preference.

1-4 District-Wide*

* And 1-8 at ONLY the following MYP and IB Diploma Program (DP) Schools:

  1. Cedar Park Middle School
  2. Meadow Park Middle School
  3. International School of Beaverton (ISB)
  4. Mountainside High School


  • 1-4 is the system that currently works for 80-85% of targets
  • Current writing rubrics support this
  • It honors the work of 12 years
  • Balance and respect the specialized programs
  • It would be a challenge to go all 1-8
  • Most feedback for kids; most consistent across the board

Fist-To-Five Votes from Grading & Reporting Task Force:

  • 5: Five votes
  • 4: Ten votes
  • 3: Eight votes
  • 2: Three votes
  • 1: One vote
  • 0: One vote

Minority Report (Objections):

  • 1-4 would not protect AP programs at the HS level, which are not included in the programs listed above. A 1-8 scale would still be a conversion for AP, but would protect the heart of the AP rubrics and college level expectation.
  • Lack of consistency throughout the district
  • There are three major issues here:
  1. The fashion this was written confused people. We need time to clarify that Sunset and Southridge are not a part of the MYP/DP schools. It should be rephrased to DP and MYP schools 1-8; all other schools 1-4. For example, this is from a staff member who voted for this scale, believing Sunset High School would be on the 1-8 scale as a DP school. “We are not an MYP school, but we are DP. I definitely favor using 1-8 MYP scales for 9 and 10, to better align with IB. For IB, I worked on a district level team that developed a 1-10 scale for IB History. I have already invested two years of developing rubrics and piloting the 1-10 scale in IB History, and I would hate to change it again.”
  2. If Beaverton desires to have DP (not MYP schools), then they need to honor the program and teacher’s time. “If the district won’t honor the work that we did in IB subject teams across the district, this is the last resort. I would accept it, but I won’t be happy about it. I’m already using 1-8 in 10th grade, and we could modify the IB 1-10 scale in IB History to fit 1-8, but it would take more time to tweak rubrics and update assignments. It seems like a waste after the time and energy staff put into the pilot project, but it also seems like a waste of district resources, since we spent 2 years in meetings working on this 1-10 scale for IB History!” and, “This was a district decision to create IB scales - IT SHOULD BE HONORED,” and, “Whatever is done, the district needs to put work into Target language for IB Math.”
  3. This decision feels rushed with little support from administration or implementation. This decision is being made by a small minority of teachers and will affect over 1,000+ teachers and even more students. We want to be sure we’re mindful of student learning and outcomes.

1-8 District-Wide


  • Works with AP
  • Creates consistency
  • Anything would be a challenge, but 1-8 gives more opportunity for specific feedback
  • Easier to give feedback
  • Worth the effort if it is best for kids
  • Some of the 1-8 rubric work has already been done at the MYP schools

Fist-To-Five Votes from Grading & Reporting Task Force:

  • 5: Two votes
  • 4: Two votes
  • 3: Fourteen votes
  • 2: Six votes
  • 1: Two votes
  • 0: One vote

Minority Report (Objections):

  • Too much change required
  • Unknown district support for time/money for the work required to make the switch by next fall - too costly
  • Teachers have been working with the 1-4 and are finally getting comfortable with that system
  • Too much time already invested in the 1-4 scale

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