La llorona


  • La llorona
  • The husband
  • Their children

Setting :

  • River

Plot summary

There are many versions of this story , but they all usually consists of a woman , Maria , who is jealous of her children because they are taking all the attention from her husband. She then gets so angry that she decides to drown her children in the river. After finding out about this, her husband doesn't want anything that has to do with her. Maria later realizes what she has done and immediately regrets it. She decides to drown herself as well, but her spirit won't go to heaven because of the awful sin she has committed. It is said that her spirit still roams Mexico and that she is still in desperate search of her drowned children.

Symbols and Archetypes

  • The llorona represents a bad woman and how women are not supposed to act towards their children

Meaning of the folktale :

  • No sacrifice is bigger than your children
  • Think before you act


This story is told across generations in order to prevent children from going out at night.

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