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Hello world! My name is Gerardo Lozano, I'm 24 years old and I'm currently studying Graphic Design in Facultad de Artes Visuales UANL. In this site, you will learn a little about myself, the corporate identity of NexBrand, our mission, vision, and more.

"Painting, one of the things I do when I feel inspired."


Full Name: Gerardo Lozano

Graphic Designer with years of experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Photo.

Main Skills: Branding, Web Design, Logo Design, and Application Design.

“I always liked the idea of making logos, sketches... pretty much anything that gives a visual message, it's a passion I've been doing since I was a kid.”
"I also love photography, the fact that you can give a message or a feeling with an image is something I've always found interesting."

Values of NexBrand

Strength: Be powerful with our designs, give the client the logo he/she needs for his/her business, it's not just about making a logo that looks good, but also about making it complementary with the personality of its business.

Simplicity: Our creations tent to show simplicity, while at the same time they're flashy. It's a balance that works with graphic design and we're good at it.

Discipline: Design is not everything, the client matters too. We're in charge of being on time with our work, and be in communication with the client at any time.

Our Mission

Why NexBrand?: Our mission is serve the necessities of the client by creating an image that works and that is attractive to the required target audience.

Who's our objective user?: Any user with the guts to change the image of its business for a better one, one that gives a good essence (we'll take care of that).

What things do we have in special?: Speed, experience, and quality. In NexBrand, we have years designing from the most simple thing such as an invitation, to the most complex such as an international brand.

About our Identity

"The arrow pointing up means "progress", "future", "moving forward", which are the main goals of NexBrand."

The NexBrand logo started from a series of sketches done at 4 a.m. Was I feeling sleepy? of course, but it was totally worth it.

The whole logo was vectorized since the beginning.
"Font rules along its color palette"


Target Audience: Clients of any age, preferably young people who are looking for a drastic yet functional change in the appearance of their business.

Cons: We rarely have hard times at work, and to keep it this way we must have the client to trust us and not give us limits for the design we're working on, although, if the limit has to be done, we'll try our best to follow those rules while making a logo properly.

Our Promise: Our main goal is to make the logo stand out more than its competitors, and to do so, we get into a detailed investigation about the target audience so we can get to them as much as possible.

Communication Strategy: We'll show the NexBrand logo, along a short message that explains what's our job, clear and simple. And finally, a few previously done projects will be shown on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.


Moodboard based on the atmosphere we're trying to convey with our designs.

Production of Ideas (Kickstart)

Idea #13: Symbols and Signs

"A symbol contains information that simplifies or amplifies the message"

We chose this idea because it's one that gives lots of possibilities, there's all kinds of symbols and they're all known worldwide, so we used emojis to symbolize what the client feels with our logo.

Idea #16: Absurd, Surreal, Strange

This idea was excellent because it makes us experiment and exaggerate with the principles of branding.

This sketch was made to symbolize NexBrand as a "hero", while showing its creativity of our brand.

Idea #17: Take It Literally

"Play any phrase as it is"

We found this idea quite interesting because we've always used phrases/slogans that could not always show its true meaning. So we did a photomontage on Photoshop showing the NexBrand logo along important paintings in a museum.

“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” - Lindon Leader

A few examples of our work

LaOtraCasa Records, Adobe Illustrator, 2012
Map Assist, Adobe Illustrator, 2014
Textual Chat, Affinity Designer, 2014
CryptoDoge, Adobe Illustrator, 2014
Frichis (botana), Affinity Designer, 2016
“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser

If you're interested in NexBrand, don't think twice and contact us!

Gerardo H. Lozano, Graphic Designer

Project Director and Main Designer

Email -

Reflexión de la materia Proyección Profesional con la profe Kary

La materia me pareció muy útil para comprender no solo sobre la personalidad de uno, sino también la personalidad que puedes mostrarle a los clientes como diseñador.

Hubieron muchos temas que me parecieron interesantes e útiles, la profe Kary explicó todo de manera muy entendible y en ocasiones con un poco de humor.

Sobre la suspensión de clases. Me pareció neutral, durante esas semanas la profesora explicó en el grupo de Facebook los temas y tareas faltantes, y aunque no se compara a ir a clases escuchando a la profesora y viendo al pizarrón lo que explica, se comprendieron bien los temas, y si alguien tenía duda podía comentarlo y la profesora contestaba enseguida.

En resumen, se cumplió con el propósito de la materia, y la profe es chida. : )

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