how to Eat Real Food The Art of Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Clean eating means starting with whole foods! Pre-processed foods often lose nutritional value.

So get back to the basics and do the processing yourself!

The goal is to have as few steps as possible between the tree--or the ground--and your shopping basket.

You don't have to do the harvesting yourself, but when possible, avoid boxed, canned, or packaged items that contain premixed ingredients.

Don't have your own livestock? That's OK! Buy meats that haven't been turned into something unrecognizable. Scrap those pre-cooked, paper-thin lunchmeat slices, and buy something you can tell used to be part of an animal.

Fresh, whole foods prepared by you will taste better and make you feel better. So instead of following the latest fad diet that cuts out half the food groups--just eat real food!

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