The Fifteen Federal Departments Bailey adams and sean brosnan

US Department of State, established 1789
Secretary Rex Tillerson

The US Department of State leads the country in foreign policy. It is responsible for maintaining international relationships.

US Department of the Treasury, established 1789
Secretary Steve Mnuchin

The US Department of the Treasury was created to manage government revenue and print currency.

US Department of Justice, established 1870
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The US Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing the laws of the nation as well as maintaining justice and the court system.

US Department of the Interior, established 1849
Secretary Ryan Zinke

The US Department of the interior is responsible for managing federal land and natural resources. It settles territory disputes with native tribes.

US Department of Agriculture, established 1889
Acting Secretary of Agriculture Mike Young (no image)

The US Department of Agriculture works to help farmers and ranchers across the country. It executes federal law relating to agriculture and farming.

US Department of Commerce, established 1903
Secretary Wilbur Ross

The US Department of Commerce attempts to promote job creation and grow the US economy.

US Department of Labor, established 1913
Acting Secretary Ed Hugler

The US Department of Labor looks out for workers by improving conditions in the workplace and improving the welfare of workers.

US Department of Defense, established 1947
Secretary James Mattis

The US Department of Defense is in charge of everything involved with the armed forces and the security of the country.

US Department of Health and Human Services, established 1953
Secretary Tom Price

The US Department of Health and Human Services looks out for all people to ensure that they are healthy and are receiving the services they need.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, established 1965
Secretary Ben Carson

The Department of Housing and Urban Development strives to create inclusive communities and provide affordable housing to all people in the country.

US Department of Transportation, established 1966
Secretary Elaine Chao

The US Department of Transportation works to make transportation around the country faster and easier for all.

US Department of Energy, established 1977
Secretary Rick Perry

The US Department of energy maintains nuclear energy and weapons. It also works to conserve energy and research ways to improve our energy systems.

US Department of Education, established 1979
Secretary Betsy DeVos

The US Department of Education strives to improve our education systems by enforcing laws and collecting data.

US Department of Veterans Affairs, established 1989
Secretary David Shulkin

The US Department of Veterans Affairs works to provide benefits for our veterans and maintain their health after coming home from war.

US Department of Homeland Security, established 2003
Secretary John F. Kelly

The US Department of Homeland Security works to prevent terrorism in the country and keep the people safe from threats.

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