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December 21, 2020

A glimpse into a day at Wellington Middle School!

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

As we close out this unprecedented semester of learning, I reflect on how thankful I am. I am thankful for the flexibility and resilience of our students, thankful for the support of our community, and thankful for your understanding and patience as we navigate this year together.

I have been hearing conversations and the question “are kids falling behind?” in this schoolyear. If we choose to measure students on standardized scales that do not consider the individual students and their background, then the answer is yes. Students will not cover the breadth of content that they would in a “normal year.” However, it is important to recognize that we cannot provide a standardized educational experience to all students because we need to tailor the educational experience to the individual student.

This semester we have been learning right alongside our students, reflecting on what went well and what we can improve upon, and have been adjusting to the ever-changing landscape of education and health so that we can tailor that educational experience. While doing so, we have maintained our focus of relationships and connections to be the foundation of how we engage students in learning this year. We believe that kids are not falling behind. Kids are adapting. They are learning new skills. They are overcoming. Kids are surviving a pandemic that has shaken their world before they fully understood it.

In addition, we recognize that students may not be learning at the same pace as if they were in the building consistently, and that the remote learning environment is not ideal for all students. This semester will be introducing new grade marks on report cards in January that supports our focus on learning. You will find more information about these new marks in our latest edition of the Eagle Flyer. With this in mind, please continue to find ways to connect, play, laugh, and explore with your student(s). We are trying our best to engage them academically so that you can continue to engage them as their parents and/or guardians.

During this time, not only are we balancing online learning, we are continuing to navigate a pandemic, gearing up for the holidays, and looking to support loved ones around us. Linked on our webpage are some resources to support families in our community that need additional resources during the holiday season.

Please continue to let us know how we can support you and your student.


Kelby Benedict, Principal

eBooks & Audio Books : SORA

SORA is an ebook and audiobook subscription that is now available to all PSD students! To login and begin your reading journey, follow these steps:

• Click on the SORA link (https://soraapp.com/welcome).

• Click on “Find my School”.

• Select “Poudre School District R 1” (If that doesn’t come up, click on “My school isn’t listed” and type in “Poudre School District”.

• Click on “Sign in Using Poudre School District R 1”.

• Login through Clever using your student’s PSD login credentials.

• You’re in! Click on any book to begin reading or listening!

The SORA app is also available for download onto your personal device. Once logged in, the account is linked, so students can switch back from reading/listening on their laptops to their personal devices and all bookmarks, notes, and highlights will be saved.

Please contact our Media Specialist, Mrs. Colburn, if you have any questions (scolburn@psdschools.org). Happy reading!

8th Grade Transition to High School

8th grade parents/guardians,

We are hard at work preparing to transition your 8th grade student to high school, and wanted to share with you some information on this process.

HS Transition Series

In advisory class, your student was introduced to their various high school options and to the School of Choice application. If you would like to review this presentation, it is posted on our counseling website. In the coming weeks, Poudre High School counselors will be presenting in advisory classes to prepare students for high school registration, which will take place in February.

Upcoming Events

January 15 - School of Choice first consideration period closes (for any students wishing to attend a school in PSD other than their neighborhood school)

Mid-January - Students will select their Poudre High School pathway and submit intent to enroll

February - Students will register for high school classes

Further Resources

We will continue to frequently update our Wellington counseling website with the most current information on transition programming. You are also welcome to email Katie Delahunt, 8th grade counselor, at kdelahunt@psdschools.org with any questions.

2nd Semester Learning

We are working to support all student situations, and family complexities. While we have both synchronous and asynchronous learing times scheduled, we know this could be difficult for some students. We have adjusted some practices, and our schedule, to try to support as many students as possible. If you know that your student's situation prohibits them from attending synchronous class sessions please reach out to their teacher.

The first two weeks of the semester we will be in Phase 1, and then on January 19th we will transition to Phase 3. Please see the dates below with more information:

First Two Weeks Back:

January 4th : Teacher Work Day

January 5th-7th : Remote Learning Days

January 8th : Asynchronous, Remote Learning Day

January 11th-14th : Phase 1 Remote Learning Days

January 15th : Asynchronous, Remote Learning Day

Beyond First Two Weeks:

January 18th - No School

January 19th-22nd : Phase 3- B/A/B/A Due to MLK Day

January 25th-28th : A/B/A/B

January 29th : Asynchronous, Remote Learning Day

Grading Practices

As we close out the first semester of the schoolyear, we are wrapping up grading for the semester. While students will be getting a report card in January, we believe learning is still in progress for all students, even for our classes that will not continue into second semester. Remote learning and hybrid learning have been difficult to say the least for many students, and we don't want grades to reflect what has been out of our control this semester. With that, you might see some new grading marks on report cards that indicate students are on the verge of completing the class, and/or that we didn't have enough evidence to assign a grade due to excessive missing assignments and/or excessive absences.

If a student is on the cusp of demonstrating mastery with the standards, or a few assignments away from providing evidence of their learning, an incomplete (I) would be the most appropriate semester grade for them. Incompletes are temporary and typically would be replaced a couple weeks into the next term. In lieu of the year we are having, we can work with this timeline to best support our students. Students would use a little extra time to be determined by teachers and the student to demonstrate this mastery.

If a student has completed little to nothing this semester, then insufficient evidence (IE) would be the most appropriate grade for the first semester. This is a grade that will remain on a students transcript, and we can also includes notes in their cumulative file for future record keeping. This grade is used because there was not enough evidence demostrated to assign a grade due to excessive missing assignments or absences this semester.

Otherwise, students will be assessed and given a final grade based on the standards they have mastered and work completed this semester. With all that our students and community are balancing through this pandemic, thinking about the inequities that exist and continue to increase, and the multiple modalities we have asked students to balance with their learning, lack of evidence of learning shouldn't impact a students final grade as we close out this grading period.

Mental Health: Every Kind Act is Celebrated

Several months into a life-changing global pandemic, national protests, and political discord, some are feeling exhausted, frustrated and powerless and find it is harder to be their best selves. Despite the many impacting events we can’t control, we still have choices. We can choose to be kind in the face of unkindness, uncertainty, and fear. Read more and get links to helpful kindness-boosting resources >>

Absences During Phase 1

Teachers will take attendance through Synergy in each synchronous class period. It is important that students log on at the start of each class period so they do not miss anything and don't get marked absent. There is a new feature in ParentVue, so if you know your child will be absent you can go into ParentVue on the child's page and click on the Report Absence (blue tab with alarm bell). You are also welcome to call the attendance line at 970-488-6601.

Need help with ParentVUE or StudentVUE?

Accessing and Activating a ParentVUE Account;

ParentVUE Frequently Asked Questions;

or call Peggy Hunter at 488.6607 or email her at phunter@psdschools.org.

Technology Support

If a student is having issues with their laptops, the following links can be used to help troubleshoot before calling or emailing the PSD IT department.

PSD's IT Department is providing support to students and families with a new tech help website and IT support phone line and email. Community tech help website offers device troubleshooting and application technical support information, how-to guides, a calendar with important upcoming dates related to PSD technology and more. IT support for Wellington Middle School can be found by calling Andrea Bock at 970-488-6623 or by emailing her at abock@psdschools.org.

Meals During 2020-2021

After winter break, schools will gradually transition from Phase 1 Remote Learning back to some form of in-person learning (details in this Dec. 15 news item).

During the transition:

All current PSD meal programs will continue at current schools/kitchens as they are now in Phase 1-3.

Elementary school kitchens will transition to only serving students who are in-person when schools move to Phase 4.

Secondary sites serving meals to PSD students now will still do so in Phases 2-3.

Mobile meal sites (meals distributed out of buses) will continue in January.

There is no cost for meals: Meals are currently free through the 2020-21 school year, as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture school district reimbursement program. Parents are encouraged to still apply for free and reduced-priced meals, which helps with school funding (apply on the Free and Reduced-Priced Meals website).

Designated school and mobile sites: Sack meals are available to students (any child 18 or younger) 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday (on scheduled school days). People must wear face coverings and maintain social distancing at meal sites. See the latest list of meal sites below.

Social Media Sites

Please do not hesitate to contact the school for any questions or concerns while our students are learning within any of our phases. Our office will be staffed Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm to answer questions and provide you with the resources you may need. Important information as well as contact/email addresses for teachers and staff can be found here on the new Wellington Middle School website. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all learn to navigate through this continuously adapting school year! We will navigate through this challenging time together because EAGLES SOAR TOGETHER!!

Contact Us

  • Principal: Kelby Benedict - kbenedic@psdschools.org, 970-488-6603
  • Assistant Principal: Steven Watkins - swatkins@psdschools.org, 970-488-6604
  • Dean of Students/Athletic Director: Hilarie Bartling - hbartlin@psdschools.org, 970-488-6671
  • Main Line: 970-488-6600
  • Attendance Line: 970-488-6601
  • Fax Line: 970-488-6602

For more information regarding PSD's health and safety protocols, COVID-19 response, and meals for students please visit: https://www.psdschools.org/psd2020-21.


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