Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the third to the throne at one point, he became heir through two untimely deaths. Much has been said about him but very little good. He is referred to as a miser, bigot and a spoiled child. He is also known as the "loneliest man in Vienna"

He lacked two key elements of success in his social scheme- charm and elegance. He was married to Countess Sophia von Chotkowa in the 1900 ad was called on of the world's greatest love affairs

Unfortunately the Emperor considered the Duchess a commoner and tried to convince Franz letting him know he was marrying beneath his station. However, they went against the Emperor's but had to renounce rights of ranks and succession for their children

Franz was considered more flexible in matters of the military and domestic affairs. He was a reformist with new ideas to be put into practice when he ascended to the Hapsburg throne. One of his ideas was "tribalism"- the reorganization of the dual monarchy into a triple monarchy by giving the Slavs an equal voice in the empire.

But there comes a time when a leader has to step down from power either forcefully or by will. You never can tell enemies are everywhere
The Archduke and his were assassinated in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914 (fourteenth wedding anniversary) by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Principe. His role of Inspector General in the Russian Army had brought him to Sarajevo for the summer maneuvers. The bullet went through his neck and his wife her abdomen

The assassination set off a rapid chain of events as Austria immediately blamed the Serbian government. On July 28th Austria declared war on Serbia and the fragile peace between Europe's great powers collapsed beginning the devastating conflict known as The World War I.

After more than four years of bloodshed the Great War ended on November 11th 1918 after Germany and the last of the Central Powers surrendered to the Allies.
He will always be remembered as a man of uninspired energy and emotion who radiated an aura of strangeness and cast a shadow of violence and restlessness.
A true personality amidst the insanity that characterized the Austrian society at his time


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