The Life and Story about Frida Kahlo BY, DeMarco Taylor Jr

This Painting is called (The Broken Column). In this painting of Frida Kahlo, it is about how she had spinal surgery to correct on-going problems which had resulted from a serious traffic accident when the painter was eighteen years old. After looking over this painting, I think she did this to show how it happen and what she felt like during that whole life changing time. And the reason why she is naked is because it is split, replicating the ravine-laced earth behind her and revealing a crumbling, Ionic column in place of her spine.
This painting that she did is called, (The Two Fridas). After looking up this painting, this painting is about how it had a double self- portrait, depicting two versions of Kahlo seated together. One is wearing a white European-style Victorian dress while the other is wearing a traditional Tehuana dress. And i think she this did type of art work is to show one way her life what have been in two different types of colors, or moods. Or maybe in two different life times.

WHERE IS THE ARTIST FROM:Here is a quick bio or life on Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo had a bad life growing up. I would say mostly because of her accident for 1. And for 2 would be in the life time or period she grew up in. She grew up and was born in Coyoacán, Mexico. I don't know if this is important but the time she was born was July 6, 1907 and she died in July 13, 1954.

A SIGNIFICANT TIME IN HER LIFE THAT WAS IMPORTANT:I read up on her and i think that the most important thing that happen to her was her accident. Why I say that is because something like that can change the way you think of yourself but after that, she kept a positive mind set and just painted. Which I think is good because something like that can really change the way you think of yourself, but like I said, she really didn't let it get to her. And to me, this is the most IMPORTANT part in her life that happen to her.

OVERALL MEANING OF HER ARTWORK:The overall meaning of her artwork after typing this up that you are reading right know is important. And I think that her artwork is on or the meaning is influenced by traumatic physical and psychological events from her childhood and early adulthood, including a crippling accident and the infidelity of her husband. In addition to personal issues, Kahlo's often brooding and introspective subject matter also deals with questions of national identity.

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