MUDRA Conscious clothing for conscious women

Rita Hraiz is an award winning, international designer who creates beautiful clothes with integrity woven into the smallest details. MUDRA is the culmination of a life-long passion to help conscious, contemporary women shine through the clothes they choose and the lives they lead.

Mudra’s stunning capsule collections are designed and crafted for conscious women of all shapes and sizes, offering women the opportunity to invest in a durable and timeless collection that is both versatile and luxurious. One piece can have several looks and several pieces can combine to create unique elegance for any occasion.


Rita personally works with, supports and cares for these Nepalese artisans. She has sourced the highest quality Bamboo and 100% Mongolian Cashmere for her multi-functional collections. Rita selects only natural breathable and biodegradable fibres to nourish our bodies on every level

How we create our world is as important as what we create.

If you ask people what 'practical sustainability’ means, we all have a different answer. The principle of ‘harmlessness’ lies at the heart of our practical sustainability. Mudra not only supports the Forum for Future Sustainable Wealth definition, our business lives it.

For too long our fashion and clothing industry has ignored Mother Earth’s cries, poisoned our rivers with heavy pesticides, polluted our air with CO2 emissions and disrespected our third world families’, cultures and lands. The tide is beginning to turn as we become more aware of a simple energy exchange: what we gratefully receive, we can offer back to the land in a different form. Many people are now choosing to buy and wear clothes that have been made in fair trade conditions and using ethically sourced fabrics.


Mudra's ‘cosmic endless knot’ logo is more than an expression of our company’s brand.

It embodies an ancient promise to honour the people we serve, starting with the customers we love, the suppliers we choose and the communities we support. We look for projects and partners who share our core values and are committed to helping our communities onto a sustainable path to a better life, a life where our farmers in Nepal can grow their flocks, feed their families and continue to practice their ancient traditions of working with the land.

Each month, we donate a percentage of our company profits to the Siddhartha Foundation in Nepal. This small charity works to feed, clothe and educate the young, mostly orphan monks and nuns. We also give to Water Aid, Action Aid and charities which share our values” says Rita, “ because when we open to begin to master the art of giving, we can actually open ourselves to be in deep union, the kind that transcends duality,” and to feel in union with Life is to live as a soulful conscious woman.

Below is a gallery of our Bamboo & Cashmere Collection


Mudra Cashmere is hand knitted by artisans on flatbed machines to specific shapes and styles, so there is zero waste and our collections are consciously created at every stage of the process for conscious women who expect more.

Our Mongolian wool is hand spun and shipped to Nepal.

We believe that because we treat our goats, Mongolian families and Nepalese artisans with respectful love and support, our cashmere clothes carry that vibration and our customers can feel it like a soft and nurturing second skin.


Our Bamboo grows naturally in Indonesia and is fully biodegradable.

We chose Bamboo to compliment our cashmere because its has amazing properties. Our bamboo has a breathable, soothing silky effect on our etheric field and brings a calming and nourishing energetic quality to our rainbow capsule collections.




In Western Universities the light frequency of colour has been universally accepted as having medical benefits and enhancing mood.

The power of light and colour to transform mind body and soul is the most ancient of technologies.

It is in this fusion, Rita saw how colour can be a powerful tool - helping to sooth the etheric field.



We are really inspired by the skilful craftsmanship, the outstanding beauty and skill of these handmade pieces of Jewellery - or should we say - sacred adornments that are made by speciifc medicine communities in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador.

We ask the communities to make each piece and imbue it with their prayers for this often out of balance western world to build a bridge with them, to honour their reverence of our Sacred Earth - Pachamama. Each piece takes up to 3 - 4 days to make by people that offer there lives in service.


"Wow, this piece is one that I want to wear daily as the perfect coat/sweater. LUXURIOUS and YUMMY is the way I'd describe it!! Every woman should have one of these!".


"My absolute favorite shop! The quality of its materials, the rich selection of colors and the way how each dress or skirt fits your body perfectly, making you shine in your radiant beauty. Some dresses are so magical, inspired and unique to make the difference when worn...a real "Spiritual Clothing" and I love it! Highly recommended!!! <3"


"I LOVE this top - especially with the Spanish Skirt to go with - looks absolutely stunning! As with all clothes from this collection - very high quality, perfect fit, super soft, comfy and stretchy. Again - my favorite clothes!!! Already looking at what I am going to purchase next and add to my over 20 pieces...

Definitely THIS top in another color!!! Thank you to Rita and her team for making shopping the most beautiful and joyful experience!"


This is a beautiful dress. It is everything I could have hoped for. Rita was fantastic to order from. Her personal service and care in the delivery of the package made the experience and outcome of the product even better. Beautiful clothes and Great company :)


"Have pretty much worn it every day since purchasing it - am completely in LOVE with this new collection. Really beautiful high quality stylish bamboo pieces at affordable prices too - lucky us:))"


"What a beautiful dress, the design and quality exceeded my expectations. i do truly feel like a goddess. Thank you".


"I have the Spanish top and the skirt and this red is so empowering! Ever since I found this shop (2 months ago) people keep telling me I shine. Finally clothes that look and feel good and make us feel wonderful <3"


Insta: @mudracollection.com

FB: Rita Hraiz Mudra

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