Wonder By:nina morrison

The book "wonder" by R.J. Palaces describes how life for a little boy named august and the challenges he goes through. When august was born he was born with a clef palate he had many surgeries and was homeschooled. After a while august decided to go to a school when he was in 5th grade and he knew that it might be a little harder to attend school then the other kids because he's different. August parents were also very scared for him because they wanted him to be like the rest of the kids on there first day but they knew that probably won't go as planned. Despite his challenges do u ink august will make it his first day you won't know until you read it.
August on his first day at Beecher prep elementary.
My persuavasive technique is logos because my presentation was giving facts about the book, and they were telling you about augusts life challenges that were true and factual. Logos is all about facts reasons and logic.
A quote from the author R.J. Palacio
Characters in my story are Justin which is vias boyfriend there's via which is augusts oldest sister. There's Miranda one of vias old friend. There's also august, jack will one of augusts best friends, there's summer just a friend of august from school, and Isabel and Nate Pullman augusts parents .
A word that is frequently used in the book "choose kind" this means that kindness can get you a long way and when your unkind that shows what type of person you are, and when you have kindness you are showing a good example and that also shows what kind of person you are.
One of august favorite helmets to wear as a little kid he would never take it off. Until he finally started school.
My pic collage

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