Gold Medal Skills Decision-making that excels under pressure

Most people make 35,000 decisions a day!

If we could improve 20% of those decisions, what would it mean to your business?

Naturalistic Decision Making Coaching (NDM) has been shown to make a major leap in performance for special forces and performance sport.

What could NDM do to your business?

Selecting the right people: Everyone believes they are a great judge of character and yet the research says otherwise. The use of logical analysis, cognitive behavioural questioning, case studies and observation in real scenarios can reveal more than any questionnaire or gut instinct. NDM adds shape to that process.

Pitching to the client: Selling anything, whether this is a pitch or persuading someone else to adopt your idea is about creating powerful stories that appeal to the needs of the client. Understanding how decisions are made, allows you to present and behave in the most effective way to sell your product or idea.

Inspiring and connecting with your team: People skills are all based on your assumptions (instinctive decisions) and getting to understand the key motivators for your team. Harnessing those in the pursuit of the team goal is all about influencing how people invest. NDM can break down those assumptions.

Leading change: Change is never comfortable and how you develop trust with others is at the centre of bringing people with you and taking them new levels both in business and sport. NDM offers a chance to develop these skills and allow leaders to be themselves but with more skill.

Naturalistic decision-making coaching is the latest in leadership development approaches currently used by US and UK Special forces, successfully adapted within GB sport and now ready to revolutionise the business world.

For the last 16 years we have been evolving this practice within Team GB, developing gold medal coaches. Much of this was taken from our experiences within aviation, special forces, higher eduction and elite sport.

1 High Performance Coaching- One of the lead agencies for developing high performance coaches

Our USPs:

We don't talk rubbish, we don't do shiny things, gimmicks or fads, we're just expert at developing high performing skills (expertise) and have the olympic medals to prove it.

Our Principles:

Creating the right tasks: The closer to reality the task is the more skills will be transferred back into the workplace. Experiential learning can be fun and support team building but we rarely transfer these skills back into the work place because the lack of contextual triggers and realism doesn't optimise learning. Simulation therefore needs to be designed to focus on the skills and specific to situations the learner is trying to develop.

Stress: In order for the learning to become robust under pressure, we need to introduce stress, challenge and variety into the training we provide before performing the skills for real. Train hard, fight easy?

Coaching: The art of tailoring the feedback to the individual learner is essential, which is why we use expert coaches that create trusting relationships and who are able to optimise feedback, support and challenge to help change behaviours, mindset and skills.

Matching the challenge for the individual: People perform best when they believe they can achieve the task and so therefore any design needs to identify the skill being developed and the learner's level of skill.

The use of technology to optimise feedback: Feedback is essential for learning and we are able to use video (including camera glasses), heart rate variability, eye tracking to analyse personal skills and monitor improvement and manipulate training stresses.

Heart rate variability shows the level of stress the learner is under and allows us to really challenge their skills and make them robust under pressure

Support and feedback in the workplace: The transfer of skills from training to the work place is where most skills and good intentions fail. This is the reality of changing behaviours that most companies miss. We provide video analysis and support in the everyday situations to help support that transfer, which is why we have been so successful with our programmes.

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