It's a Wonderful Day to be a Bulldogg The message of writing at Winder Barrow High

Winder Barrow High School's mascot, the bulldogg, is their trademark. The "GG" signifies extra effort, according to the school's principal. The "GG" can be seen all over the school, and "GG" is used as the school's abbreviation, rather than WBHS, most of the time.

WBHS administrators expect their students to go to college, as evidenced by the graduation requirements and encouragement posted outside of the counselor's office. Students pass by these posters while walking to lunch every day.
Administrators also expect their students to go to college. This bulletin board is across the hall from the graduation posters. These are the only posters which address the future, so students get the idea that college is the only acceptable future for them.

The "GG" Pledge: This pledge is posted in the main hallway, where students can see it every day. However, the pledge is never said aloud, and students may not even pay much attention to it. Here, the administration once again portrays its expectations for its students.

Positive behavior management: the school's rules, expectations, and incentives are posted above each entrance to the hallways. It is clear that the school expects much out of these students. The fact that the rules are posted all over the hallways shows that the administration believes the students need to be constantly reminded of the expectations.

NO: the outside area is for feet only, apparently. 

Praise: in addition to explicit expectations, the school also praises students who meet their expectations.

Here, the school displays the name of all the students who have all As. At first glance, it seems as if the school is celebrating their students' success, but upon closer inspection, this list is actually from fall 2015, so it is a year old. The administration seems to care about performance, but they do not update the bulletin boards regularly. 

This bulletin board celebrates students in ROTC. This is the only poster which portrays non-academic student success.

This bulletin board, made by an English teacher, uses improper grammar.

Most of the literature posted around the school promotes the school's expectations for its students: behave, be responsible, graduate, and go to college. There are a couple of exceptions, but performance is highly promoted here. In addition, there are no places for the students to express themselves in the hallways. In my classroom, students also do not write on the desks. The fact that only administrators post literature in the hallways and the fact that students do not have a place to express themselves imply that students' voices are not important.

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