My Experience at the Museum of Natural History By dreyton lott

INTRODUCTION: This presentation is about my visit to the Florida Museum of Natural History. I had been here before, but never int the butterfly rain forest, and it has also been many years. I was happy I got the opportunity to go back to the museum at a time when i didn't need a chaperon and could freely explore as I pleased.
NATURE ON DISPLAY: This is a picture of a butterfly in the butterfly rain forest exhibit of the museum. Overall, this was probably my favorite exhibit in the museum. I liked this exhibit the most because I love nature and being outside, especially after spending most of my days inside of a classroom. Being outside with the living creatures the exhibit was teaching me about appealed to my learning style and interests. I got to see everything firsthand and alive, which made this exhibit better than the others in the museum.
NATURE AND ETHICS: In the museum, I had many opportunities to view many different aspects of nature. I enjoyed seeing everything on display and learning about new things. However, I don't feel like a desire to protect nature was instilled in me through this activity. Doing this is something I already value highly, and it alligns with my major, but it didn't have a great affect on my appreciation for nature. My friends enjoyed the exhibits as I did, but the only thing to really connect me personally to nature was the butterfly rain forest. There are many parts of the museum that may affect others in different ways and connect them to nature, but I did not feel this bond strongly through this activity.
NATURE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT: Overall, I did enjoy my trip to the museum. It did help me get away from going home and doing homework or getting on my computer and helped me get an opportunity to spend time with my friends and enjoy something different. One thing in particular that stood out to me an provided me the opportunity to experience nature's wonders was the exhibit on old fossils and skeletons of animals that lives many thousands of years ago. It was incredible to see an 8 foot sloth skeleton and try to imagine something like that living here on Earth.

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