Canbury School Newsletter 8th October 2021. ISSUE 246

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

It has been such a pleasure to welcome potential Canbrians to the School this week. It is exciting to think of them as part of our community, next academic year. They worked hard in their lessons and in their assessments. Our Year 7s and staff worked hard too to make them feel at home, help them find their way around and guide them through our routines and expectations. Particular thanks must go to Ms Boggi for organising the whole week.

All in all, Admissions Week was a great success.

We have also had our first parents’ evening this week and hope that parents and students were happy with feedback. Do let Ms Littler or Mrs Branney know if you would like to follow-up on any matters.

This week, sixth formers were also visited by two representatives from the NCS (The National Citizen Service), which is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 16–17 year olds. They outlined the aims and programme which could include money management, cooking, and developing public speaking skills as well as involvement in a community project. Please see Emily’s report later in the newsletter; Emily participated last year and has been able to draw on that experience for her UCAS application. We hope other sixth formers will consider signing-up.

Homework timetables were sent home by Mr Bourgi this week. You should expect your son or daughter to be set homework on the days indicated. Here is a rough guide to the amount of homework that your child will be set in each Year group:

Yr 7: 20 minutes per subject task

Yr 8: 30 minutes per subject task

Yr 9: 30 minutes per subject task

Yr 10 and 11: Approximately 1 hour per subject per night

Sixth Form: Approximately 5-6 hours per subject, per week.

Finally, we know how important it is for you to be able to send your child to school so I have, today, sent home a reminder letter asking all parents to encourage their children to lateral flow test regularly. As you will know, up to one in three people, who have COVID-19, can spread the virus without knowing because they have no symptoms. That is why we are asking students to test twice a week to help us keep the School open. Please could parents remind their children to do so? There are plenty of home test kits that can be collected from Reception.

We have one more week until Half Term, let’s hope to remain healthy and happy.

Have a very good weekend.

Carolyn Yates.


Students of the week

Year 7

Lloyd for an excellent PE lesson.

Bethany, Lloyd, Rory and Francesca for the support and warm welcome they have given the Year 6 visitors this week.

Rory for scoring the most points in Year 7 on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Bethany and Lloyd for their hard work in ICT this week.

All year 7 for excellent work in Wellbeing.

Excellent spelling in Spanish using a whole new Spanish alphabet. Great work especially from Lloyd who has only just started learning Spanish!

All the year 7 students who have done a wonderful job of buddying the Year 6 students this week. Well done!

Year 8

Logan for scoring the most points on Dr Frost Maths this week.

All of Year 8 for their creativity and productivity in ICT.

Year 9

Olivia for great effort in creative writing in English this week.

Ollie for giving us all nightmares with her descriptive story writing.

Thomas for being the highest scoring Year 9 student on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Ollie for her excellent independent approach to work whilst factorising expressions this week.

All of Year 9 for their hard work and effort in ICT - good work everyone.

Olivia for effort and excellent work in ICT and study sessions.

Excellent work from Thomas aka Manuel and Ollie aka Raul in Spanish completing extension work describing their favourite films.

Year 10

Orlanda for being the highest scoring Year 10 student on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Wonderful work from Spanish students booking hotel rooms and then complaining to reception about the problems, including rats in the bed!

Year 11

Excellent effort from Harry A and Ain complaining about their meal in a Spanish restaurant. Complaining was definitely a theme in GCSE Spanish this week!

Shaaiyon for scoring the most points, over 130, in Year 11 on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Kiran for consistently excellent work on his hockey and karting case study in BTEC Sport

Year 11 students have been busy dissecting in the Canbury Science Laboratory. They appeared totally engrossed.

Harry L for consistently showing his working out whilst solving quadratic inequalities this week.

Phoebe and Alannah, who braved the freezing cold water of The Thames in the capsizing activity during Games.

Jack for accurate measuring and calculations when working with capacity, weight and length in Maths this week.

Year 12

Harry B or his effort and focus in ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) lessons.

Year 13

Joe for his excellent score of 148 points on Dr Frost Maths this week, making him the highest scorer in the school this week. Well done Joe. Fantastic work.

Sport round-up

It was the penultimate water sports session of the term at Thames Young Mariners this week. Students were working through paddling skills, like the ‘stern rudder’, on their TYM assessment log book. Once we have finished the unit of work, students will receive a log book and certificate for the level they achieved. The moment of the week went to Logan for his superb capsize at the end of the KS3 lesson. He is in the photos below before his moment of glory.

Top clockwise: Brendan, Flora, Harry B, Ross, Logan, and then James, Ross and Kyrell.

Move over Mr Barnes - there's a new referee in town.

Our very own Jack who has just qualified as a football referee. Read on below for his account.

I recently qualified as a Surrey FA referee which I had trained for in the summer. The course itself was two days long, with each day lasting 11 hours. I then had to referee five games to get my qualification. My debut game was a nine-aside girls' match which was a learning curve as I made plenty of mistakes but I learned from them to make better decisions. Then I had to referee a nine-aside boys' game that I definitely improved on. The following weekend I had my first proper incident where I had to deal with a rude manager, but I didn't give up. Finally, I did two more games and am pleased to say I qualified as a Surrey FA referee.

Jack. Year 11.

Stop worrying - start living.

Bear in mind that actively avoiding something can often make stress or anxiety worse. Sometimes the anticipation can feel a lot worse than the actual event. This week, try to deal with one task which you've been putting off or avoiding. Chances are that you'll feel better for having done it.


House awards and News

Francesca - Purple Star - 45hps

Charity News

Writes our Charity Prefect, Hannah: As some people may know this month is black history month. To celebrate on Friday the 15th October 2021 we will be raising money for the wonderful charity Show Racism The Red Card to help spread awareness and celebrate this wonderful month. A couple of things have been planned to make this day special.

Wear red - All staff and students are very welcome to show up in red accessories. Whether it’s red socks, hair accessories, jewellery, shoes or even just painting your nails red. Please no mufti. Don’t forget that this is all for charity so make sure you donate £1.

During lunch break there will be a discussion about positive modern-day black influences and media hosted by the charity prefect.

There will be an assembly led by the charity prefect about black history month.

All the money raised will go to Show Racism The Red Card which helps to deliver training to teachers and educate students about the causes and consequences of racism.

To make a donation, please use the link here ( https://www.theredcard.org/) or bring your money into school. Every pound donated counts.

Hope to see you on Friday in red!

Many thanks.

Hannah (Charity Prefect)

And finally....

In the Sixth Form we had a presentation from NCS yesterday. NCS stands for National Citizenship Service and it is a programme set up with the government. I personally went on programme during the summer and found it so useful to develop my confidence and had so much fun. During the visit the NCS representatives discussed what they do and how there is still space in their autumn programme. A few of the sixth formers said they were interested in joining. One of the presenters made a point (three times!) that this autumn it is completely free to join them. It is something that looks great on your CV and for UCAS.

We really enjoyed their visit and hopefully anyone who attends has as much fun as I had!

By Emily