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The world is increasingly complex

We often strive for simplicity. However, we live in an increasingly complex world. Three types of complexity proliferate:

  1. Social complexity - where stakeholders lack a shared vision of the future or even a common understanding of the problems we face
  2. Dynamic complexity - where the causes of the effects we are experiencing are difficult to find because there’s not a binary or linear relationship between them
  3. Generative complexity - where the rules of the past are no longer helpful in predicting for or dealing with the future

The rate of change is exponentially increasing

We experience levels of change in months that our ancestors experienced in years.

As the great acceleration continues; humans, organizations and systems are struggling to keep up.

Bureaucracies of a bygone era prevail

Due to the exponential rate of change, organizational structures, hierarchies, and ways of working that were designed for an industrial era have been transferred into today’s Knowledge Working economy. And yet, the world is moving too fast to conceive of a different modus operandi. Today, companies aren't living as long as they used to: they can't keep up.

Average lifespan on S&P 500 index fallen from 60 years in 1960 to ~ 18 years today.

"We can no longer rely on hierarchies. The problem is not that they have suddenly become illegitimate, but that they are slow and the world has become fast. It is no longer enough to merely plan and direct action, today we need to inspire and empower movements of belief." ~ Greg Satell

In complex and rapidly changing environments, uni-lateral or bi-lateral decisions typically need to be imposed by force; either explicitly or implicitly. An alternative is collaboration and co-design where people are empowered to work together to achieve shared outcomes.


Watershed is world class at designing and delivering Collaborative Design processes

We work with organizations around the world to help them achieve profound results through harnessing the power of Collaborative Design. We’ve run hundreds of engagements in every major geography to help navigate through complexity and achieve shared outcomes.

During these engagements, we harness the power of collaboration to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Accelerate the time it takes to do the work
  • Create an environment to foster innovation and
  • Enable people to organize themselves around the work that needs to be done based on passion and purpose

Watershed recognizes that digital technology and data science, carefully integrated with our practice, will address our clients' desire for a sustained and scalable transformation by:

  1. Extending the shared intent people leave our Collaborative Design engagements with, to ensure that the transformation people commit to is fulfilled
  2. Scaling the transformation across the system in focus
  3. Measuring the perceived intangible attributes of a successful system, such as values, behaviours and culture

Organizations are great at putting us in boxes and at organizing our work in de-humanized packages. But the real forces that hold the machinery of an organization together in reality are more along the lines of passions, aspirations, loyalty, integrity, and so on.

Highly performing organizations are those which are well-connected and work across organizational silos.

Imagine an organization where each unit would be connected to all the others through effective personal links:

  • How fast would the information circulate?
  • How many stupid decisions would be avoided?
  • How many issues would be anticipated?

Bringing “organic-ness” back into organizations is the challenge we set ourselves. So, we created a Patchworks Platform that...

  • ...enables groups to self-organize around passion and purpose into teams that we call Patches
  • ...enables participants to deliver the transformation alongside BAU activites
  • ...ensures a holistic and integrated solution is created and embedded through our algorithm based Nodal connections
  • ...gets the work done by enabling people to hold each other to account
  • ...embeds new ways of working to achieve shared outcomes
  • ...enables monitoring of Patch performance and targeted interventions
  • ...supports the system to re-organize itself into a new orientation based on a new purpose: Patches are re-created as purposes are fulfilled

We have synthesized complex system theory and self-organizing principles of people such as Stuart Kauffman into a practical process called Patchworks on our online platform: Recoder Watershed. Recoder is live on the Android and Apple app stores.

Patchworks creates a way for our clients to think and work differently

Because we can’t solve the problems that we created with the thinking we used to create them.

We are seeking partners to make the intangible tangible

We want to transform the way organizations think, learn, and operate to improve the way the world works.

As a result of our collaborative technology, our work as an independent boutique firm and our strategic partnership with a global professional services firm, we will have a rich and compelling data set. There is potential for a data partner to absorb and learn from large amount of linguistic, sentiment and behavioural data. Together, we can deliver personalized, culturally specific and business relevant information that would enable us to improve organizational cultures, for the benefit of society.

We would like to explore with you:

  • Natural language processing of semantics used in communications between individuals
  • Sentiment analysis for content reactions
  • Correlation between personal values; perceived organizational values and desired future state values
  • Health of communication across organizations
  • Personal productivity

Our aim is to enable biosphere integrity. The world is changing faster than ever. Humans need a way to organize their work to keep up.

We believe we have a part of the answer. Together, we can make it a coherent whole.

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