Can Jesus help us when we start at a new school? Theme two: Tough times

Theme Two: Tough Times

Tough times comes to us all, young, old and in between. Jesus went through some tough times - he was laughed at, beaten up, tempted, thrown out of towns, friends deserted him, friends died, he was persecuted, imprisoned, put on trial and sent to die on a cross. He has experience of pain and tough times so lets have a look at how he got through and what we can learn from him. I have put some links to some songs that you may find helpful if you are struggling - or just anyway! You may like them but you may not - that's fine as Jesus speaks to us all in different ways. Be patient, and keep reaching out to God - that is the secret.

Jesus' Bible was the Old Testament - which is big and feels very ancient to read BUT it has some really wonderful things to say. Click on the 2 minute video below to see some great verses that Jesus would have known and taken comfort from and also some words from him and from the apostle Paul.

The Bible doesn't often tell you exactly what to do all the time - it is more like a life guide. It gives you the 'tools' to deal with life. In the first theme of friendship we had some great 'guides' and today we have one overwhelming 'guide'. Put your trust in God; in Jesus and he will listen, and give you comfort and strength. Paul the apostle actually persecuted Jesus! He experienced forgiveness from Jesus, had friends desert him, was stoned, imprisoned, shipwrecked, ran out of towns, had a constant pain and much more, so he was a man who knew what tough times were. He knew a thing or two about how to carry on and to put your trust in Jesus. The main way he kept up his strength was through praying. Praying is simply talking to Jesus. One of the verses in the clip said to go to him when you are weary, so don't forget to do that and take your worries to him - big and small, he wants to hear them all! Remember also to talk to someone you trust as that can be very powerful to help you through when it feels hard.

Click on the below links to hear some great songs about how God is there for you. Starting with My Lighthouse...

Sometimes, we need to wait for God... here is a song by Martyn Smith its a solo song but he was the lead singer for the band named Delirious? and main songwriter - their songs are great!

Below is a 'worship' song about praising God. In my experience, choosing to worship God is a fantastic way to build your strength and to remember to put God at the heart of everything. I hope you enjoy it.

Below is a song that reminds us of how faithful God is. Something that we need to know when we are in tough times.

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