Marmalade Money The sexier way to pay for your boudoir experience.

How it works

The Marmalade Money program helps you break down your boudoir photo investment into more affordable terms. With the Marmalade Money program, you get to choose from some pretty awesome bonuses that are exclusive to the program. You're also paying for your photos before your session, leaving you worry free afterwards and getting your hands on your products sooner!

It's like a sexy piggy bank!

To participate in the Marmalade Money program, you'll pre-select the Collection that feels like the best fit for your needs. We will then set up a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plan that will be completed before your session date. Then, you get to select your bonuses!!

The Collection you choose to pre-purchase determines how many bonuses you get to choose. They are as follows:

  • Collection One: 3 bonuses (Regular OR Premium)
  • Collection Two: 2 bonuses (Regular OR Premium)
  • Collection Three: 2 bonus
  • Collection Four: 1 bonus
  • Collection Five: 1 bonus

If you need a refresher on the Collections, click HERE.

***Starting in 2021, there will be NO post session in house financing. All payment plans will be pre-session with the Marmalade Money Program along with PayPal Credit. You are always welcome to pay in full at the day of your ordering appointment as well.

The Bonus List


Premium Bonuses are exclusively available with the pre-payment of Collection One or Collection Two.

  • Angel Wings: Become your very own version of a Victoria's Secret Angel.
  • Glamour Robes: Chanel your inner badass babe in any of my glamourous robes.


  • Playboy Wall add-on: Photos using the Playboy wall set ($400 value).
  • Wet Tee Look add-on: At the end of your session, we'll throw you in a white tee or tank for some classically fun photos ($400 value)!
  • Shower Scene add-on: At the end of your session, we'll get you naked in the shower ($400 value)!
  • Extra outfit: choose four outfit looks vs three ($200 value)!
  • 3 professional headshots: Need an updated headshot for work, social media, etc. while your hair and makeup are on point ($600 value)?
  • Private Studio & Client Closet Tour: Come in and see the studio and pre-select outfits from the Client Closet ($500 value).
  • Lunch at Upland (or another fave restaurant): Go grab some lunch on me while I get your photos ready for viewing.
  • Retro Peep Viewfinder: This super fun viewfinder is just like the one you had growing up... just way sexier! ($300 value)
  • Poker Cards featuring your photos: Your love is going to LOVE them ($300 value)!
  • Extra images in your album: Add up to 10 additional photos in your album; available with Collections One & Two. ($500 value).
  • Phone App of purchased photos: This phone app can be saved on a mobile phone so you've always got access to your beautiful self; or share it with your love!($500 value).

Marmalade Money Rules

  • A signed payment agreement is required to enter into the Marmalade Money program.
  • A signed credit card authorization form is required for automatic payment processing.
  • Two valid credit/debit cards must be on file.
  • Bonuses are ONLY available to clients who complete their payment plan in full 14 days prior to their session date.
  • The bonuses are selected at the time of entering the signed payment agreement.
  • No downgrades once payments have started.
  • Payments are non-refundable.
  • Bonuses are ONLY available with the pre-purchase of a Collection. You can prepay for a la carte purchases, but you won’t get to choose bonuses.
  • The Marmalade Money program may be set up for a maximum of 11 months.