My Bag Redefining Bags & What's In My bag?

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Chapter 1: Celeste and Patterns

"I'm weird sometimes, like the pattern on this bag, but mostly I'm subtle like the blue parts."
"I like this bag because the pattern is weird and the color catches your eye. But, it still matches well with other stuff and it's easy to go out with. When I buy something, I look at its function and how well it will match with the rest of my clothes."
Purse: Craft store €25

Chapter 2: Katrina and Sports

"I love this backpack because it can be perfect for traveling, for hiking or for school."
"I love this backpack because it can fit everything, depending on what I'm doing. It can fit my laptop if I'm going to school but it's also perfect for a weekend trip or if I want to do something outdoors."
Backpack: Decathlon €30

Chapter 3: Hillary and a pop of Color

"At first, I wasn't sure about the color of this bag but now I love it because it's a pop of color!"
"Someone gave me this bag as a gift, and at first I thought that it was something that I would have never chosen. But now I love it because it's so pink and bright and a little surprising! I usually wear dark or muted colors, so most people are actually pretty surprised when they see me with this purse."
Purse: Michael Kors $150

Chapter 4: Molli and a Travel Necessity

"I travel everywhere and this bag goes with me."
"I bought this bag while traveling in Florence and now I take it everywhere. I got it because of it versatility; you can fold it over and it has a ton of pockets!"
Purse: Florence Leather Market €25

Chapter 5: Melissa and Girly Fun!

"Yeah I really really like could you tell?"
"My favorite color is pink. Everything in my room is pink. All my school stuff and make up is pink. So naturally I'm gonna have a pink bag."
Purse: Craft store €25

Chapter 6: Wild Dani

"This bag is so wild and out there. Kind of like how I am sometimes. It's great because it's small and fits everything I need for a night out. Oh and it's soft!"
Purse: ZARA €19

Chapter 7: Cheyenne and Grunge

"People seem to think you cant be stylish and comfy, I disagree."
"This bag just works with everything I own. I can be casual or use it when going out. Traveling too! It's perfect for me."
Purse €45

Chapter 8: Jodie and casual

"For when you need a sweet treat."
"I've had this bag since High School. I bring it everywhere. Yeah it's a little wore out, but I still think it goes with my style and personality."
Purse: JCPenny's $30

Chapter 9: Corri and the All American Girl

"When I go out, I just wanna have a good time that's why I love this bag"
"I saw this bag at the leather market in Florence and loved it. Plus they gave me a really good deal on it!"
Purse: Florence Leather Market €25

Chapter 10: Alana and Monochromatic

"I like to be ready for any occasion, and I can do that wearing all black."
"I don't play around with a whole lot of color, I like simple and ready to wear things. This bag is just that, simple and ready for any occasion. I like that it is a wristlet because it's a little different than every other small black bag."
Clutch: MIMCO $70



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