Images of Aging Photocontest the stories behind the photos

The Images of Aging Photocontest began in 2010. It is an interdisciplinary photocontest for students, sponsored by the Pruett Gerontology Center.

Here are the judge's choices from the 2015 photocontest with the photographers' story behind their photos.

In the Color Category, 1st Place, "Alzheimer's Cannot Overcome Happiness" by Paulina Servin

Paulina's Story behind the Image: "My grandpa fought Alzheimers’ for almost 8 years. By the third year he had completely forgot about all of our names and who we were, except for my grandma, he always remembered her and his love for her. They were married almost 60 years. I took this photo on the last Father's Day we spent with him, it did not matter how bad his sickness was or how stressful it could get not remembering most things, he ALWAYS had a smile on his face, and enjoyed life to its fullest."

In the Color Category, Honorable Mention, "Love Through The Decades" by Meagan McBride.

Megan's Story behind the Image: "This photo depicts my two grandparents that have been married for 52 years. Their love reflects that of Christ's love and they have been a very good example to me of how to serve your partner and run a faithful household. They are also a good example of how to spend your life with someone and not get tired of them- though they did laugh as I was photographing them, when I said "come on, look a little happier!" In the photo they are holding is from a formal when they attended Abilene Christian College."

Meagan McBride: First Place, Black & White Category: “Routine”

Meagan's Story behind the Image: “Routine” Taking this image of my grandfather shaving reminded me of the mornings spent fighting over the bathroom when we lived with my grandparents for a period of time. Similar to my mother when she was growing up, I would lay in bed until the last possible second and then I would jump out and run to the bathroom when I heard his bed creak as he woke up. It was always a joke (and somewhat truthful) in my family that he takes hours in the bathroom to get ready, so the race to the shower was a daily competition. He loves making funny faces and being silly, so it was a miracle that I was able to capture this one photo of him being serious, but at least I got plenty of other goofy ones to smile at later in life."

Addie Rich: Honorable Mention, Black & White Category: “Looking Forward to the Days Ahead”

Addie's Story behind the Image, "Mike is a true cowboy at heart. He loves to help all of those around him in any way that he can. Because he has no children he treats his horses as his children and spoils them. He is a true gentleman and one of the sweetest happiest men I have ever met. Even though he can be quiet he is very wise and wants to share all of his knowledge about farming and taking care of horses. I have been blessed to have a friendship with Mike and his wife."

Paulina Servin: First Place, Mobile Category: “Our Last Goodbye”

Paulina's Story behind the Image: "The night I got back from a Mission Trip in Ukraine, the first thing my mom told me as we got home was that my grandpa (his dad) had not been doing good for a couple of days and that the doctors told them that he just had a few days left. The next day we left early in the morning and drove all the way to Mexico City where my grandparents live. On our way there my mom would be in communication with her brothers (my uncles) who were with my grandpa at the time, they would keep telling my mom that they did not think we would make it on time, but my mom kept saying 'No, he will wait for us to be there.' And he did. We arrived to their home, my grandpa was laying on his bed, his eyes were closed and his breathing was getting fainter. I decided to hold his hand, and to my surprise he hold tight to mine, and that is when I captured the moment, that was our last goodbye."

Ashley Bryan: Honorable Mention, Mobile Category: “Selfie”

Ashley's Story behind the Image: "I took this picture with my mom and pawpaw during a Thanksgiving cookout. I do not get to see my family often because I live six hours away, but it is moments like this that I truly treasure.”

There is still time to submit your entry in either Color, Black & White, or Mobile categories. Contest ends March 8, 2016

Ashley Bryan, Meagan McBride, Addie Rich, Paulina Servin, Helen Teague

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