The Divine: A Play for Sarah Berhardt A play WATCHED BY aLONDRA rIVERA

The Spatial Experience: When entering the Reitz Union on play day, I was excited to finally see the Constans Theatre. My friend and I arrived early and we were able to get wonderful seats in the fifth row. We were so close to the stage that I could see every detail on the set. The Constans Theatre had great acoustics I could hear every line the actors spoke. They also did a good job of projecting their voices. Location has an important role in the Good Life. If a persons Good Life is to explore the world then staying home for a majority of their life would hinder their Good Life.
The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my roommate. To prepare for the play we read some of the information provided for background information. We learned about the time period and who Sarah Bernhardt was. Attending the play with a friend enhanced my experience because we freely discussed the events in the play and their relevance in today's society. The role of shared experience in the Good Life is important because it gives you insight. When you experience events with other people, it makes the event more real.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I took a picture in front of the control room because I recognize that the work that goes into a performance is not only done by actors. We may see 20 actors on stage but behind the scene there is team of people working together. There is no true central issue in the play because I believe all the issues displayed are serious and important to recognize. However, this play is full of people who lack insight or choose not to see the truth. The church does not want to recognize the child abuse happening in there school. The owner of the shoe factory does not want to recognize the hazardous conditions of his factory. The young play write does not want to recognize that Sarah Bernhardt is just a passing wind who will not change the town's suffering. Ultimately, people refuse to see the truth objectively until something has gone horribly wrong and few choose to act after the truth comes out. This is a repetitive theme in human history.
The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt asks us, the audience, an indirect question. What type of person do you want to be? The play further enforced my believes on how I want to live my life. At the very least, I will try see the world as it really is. I will value the truth even if it is ugly or unpleasant to think about. I believe recognizing the truth about our social and global issues is the first step to changing them.


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