Ancient rome travel guide by: Andy Correa 4/27/17

location The location of rome is in the west of Italian pensinsula. Is built along seven hills and Tiber river. And also within Lazlo.

geography The city was built along seven hills protcted it it from attack. And build along the Tiber River which made it easier for trade.

climate between june and septmber 30 celcius and 14 celsious. Between december and march is 3 celsious and 16 celsious.

Cities: Zenboia: controlled Vitial trade routes for Rome.

Historic site: Trajans forum: in this forum Trajans celebrates his victory against the Decians.

Landmarks: Tiber Island: Tiber island had formed around the body of the hated king of rome Tarquin Superbus

The Collesum: is aslo called Flavian Amphitheather and its were Gladitors fought each other.

Theater: Romans had 200 reglious days every year so you can watch a play every year.

The culutre in ancient rome exsisted through 1200 and at its peak strecthed through lowland scotland to morocco to the euphrates.

Rich romans ate: beef pork lamb chicken and fish.

Poor Roamns: ate lentils cucumbers onions and garlic.

How did the wealthy: Very little people were patrcians and you had to be born into it but had all power in rome

How did the poor people live: Most of rome was poor and were farmers craftsman labores and soilders of rome.

The ancient romans worshiped in temples and were consired the home of the gods.

What did the families look like? The typcial family looked like Mother father daughter son slaves cervants clients and freedman, ancestory were very important to the romans

Ancient romans mostly speaked Latin and greek and latin was the language of power


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