D.B Cooper Heist When justice changed all

The D.B Cooper Heist significantly changed American culture.

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On November 24, 1971 a plane from Northwest Oriental Airlines, was hijacked by a man with the name of Dan Cooper (FBI) . He boarded flight 305 in transit to Seattle (Citizen Sleuths). This famous incident led on a 45-year hunt to find the mysterious man ( Christine Hauser) . With little evidence and leads the F.B.I had officially closed the D.B. Cooper case.

Source: fbi.org


After ordering two bourbons, D.B Cooper's hijack began (FBI) . Cooper passed a flight attendant a note informing her about the bomb he was carrying with him. The flight attendant wrote down Coopers demands and carried them to the captain (FBI) . When the plane landed in Seattle all 36 passengers where interchange for four parachutes and $200,000 just as ask for (FBI) . Then once again the plane took off, but this time in direction of Mexico City (Christine Hauser) . At 8:00 p.m. Cooper jumped off of the plane with two parachutes, one for him and another for the money (Christine Hauser). Then somewhere between Reno and Seattle D.B Cooper disappeared into the cold rainy night ( Christine Hauser) .

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For many years, one of the most debatable subjects was whether D.B. Cooper had survived the incredible jump. One of the pilots reported to have seen Cooper jump with the instruction parachute; that had been sewn shut (FBI Archives) . After many searches, Dan Cooper is still nowhere to be found. The F.B.I conducted an investigation, NORJAK, that included more than 800 suspects (FBI) . In 1980, a boy discovered $5,800 on the beach of Tena Bar (FBI). Coopers hijacking became the inspirations for many movies such as "Without a Paddle, " and " The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" (Christine Hauser). Even though this crime was left unsolved, it inspired American culture to create their own ending to the story in books, songs and movies.



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