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The Rwanda Decentralization Support Programme (RDSP) is co-managed by the Government of Rwanda (MINALOC) and Belgium. It supports three strategic areas of the Governance and Decentralisation Sector Strategic Plan: local government capacity building, local economic development, and volunteerism, accountability and democratization

The Programme Coordination Unit (PCU), based in the Ministry of Local Government, works in partnership with the Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) for activities in support of local economic development; with the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in view of supporting local government performance and service delivery; and with the Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA) in the areas of participation and equality at local level. Additionally, the Ministry of Local Government is supported in enhancing the sector coordination process

The RDSP implementing partners


RDSP aims to sustainably enhance the capacity of local governments to deliver services and to support an enabling environment for local economic development through capacity building activities target local government staff and involving other stakeholders such as local entrepreneurs and cooperatives. The programme also supports districts' infrastructure for economic development and pilots a grans scheme supporting the local private sector.

Programme's expected results

  • enhanced service delivery at local level
  • well implemented local economic development infrastructure investments
  • local competitiveness facility (LCF) implemented and well managed to support innovative economic partnerships through a matched grant fund
  • gender equality and inclusive participation in local economic development processes enhanced
  • improved sector coordination mechanisms
  • lessons learned about decentralization inclusive local economic development and local government capacity building captured and shared

Achievements to date

  • 36 partnerships between businesses supported to develop nez value chains and create jobs, 99 firms involved
  • 101 local economic development infrastructure projects financially supported throughout Rwanda
  • all districts supported to develop their local economic development strategies
  • all districts supported by local government coaches to enhance district performance
  • 834 newly elected local government councilors received a 5 to 10 day induction training
  • national service delivery campaign implemented

Intervention areas

RDSP is a countrywide programme. In 8 pilot districts (red + yellow on the map below) extra focus is put on inclusive participation and gender equality in local economic development processes, in 4 of the districts (yellow) the local competitiveness facility (LCF) programme is piloted to support small entrepreneurs

Key data

Funding: Government of Belgium

Project coordination: Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC), Belgian Development Agency (Enabel)

Partners: Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA), Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA)

Location: Rwanda (Kigali and all 30 districts)

Project start: October 2015

Duration:54 months

Budget: € 22,000,000

Extra info:

Programme Coordination Unit

MINALOC office

KG 7 Ave

BP 3445

Kigali - Rwanda




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